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How Your Organisation Should View Failure

Practical business leaders understand that going for too much control over employees is self-defeating. Too many rules and regulations create scoff-laws. Too many punishments create an atmosphere in which people are afraid to do more than what’s in the job description

Article by: Chris Dyer | Published: 7 May 2019

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The biggest risk to cybersecurity? Legitimate users

New research called: What Keeps You Up at Night – The 2019 Report, looks at over 350 organisations globally, and reveals the security weaknesses and concerns within organisations. On average, 81 percent of organisations had some degree of concern around security issues.

Article by: Stu Sjouwerman | Published: 23 February 2019

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How susceptible is your business to criminals?

The National Federation of Self Employed and Small Businesses Limited (FSB) Crime Survey found that in 2016, the average costs of offline-crime per business affected stood at nearly £6000 a year. Nearly 50 percent of all small businesses surveyed had been a victim of non-cyber crime, some of which had devastating consequences both financially and in terms of employee morale.

Article by: Press Release | Published: 28 November 2017

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Living with fear

In the last part of our series on responding to the terror threat, Anne Payne discusses ‘tending and befriending’ for ... View Article

Article by: Anne Payne | Published: 9 July 2017

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Lessons from the Holborn fire

Two years after the Holborn Fire, how can HR departments of businesses and organizations make themselves more resilient in the face of major incidents, as well as better ensure the safety of their staff?

Article by: Nicholas Kleanthous | Published: 7 April 2017