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Line managers must accentuate the positives

Strengths-based performance conversations' aims to move managers away from a deficit-oriented method, which is focused on identifying and fixing the weaknesses of team members, analysing what has gone wrong and considering how that can be avoided in the future. The new study of performance management outcomes in the civil service shows that that employee performance can be improved by a simple training intervention focused on building strengths instead of fixing weaknesses. These results can be boosted by a more extensive intervention, which includes wider communication and changes to HR policy, as well as manager training.

Article by: Jonny Gifford | Published: 3 December 2017

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“Respect my authority”

Does it seem like other people always get their ideas in before you have a chance to speak, or that your nerves get the better of you as soon as you try and open your mouth? Do you frequently notice that those who do stand up and command the authority from an audience have, in fact, very little to say or that their thoughts are not the most original nor insightful?

Article by: Simon de Cintra | Published: 24 November 2017

On the necessity of crisis communications

Today, we’re apt to thinking about concepts like crisis communications by conjuring up imagery of of lengthy meetings about things like business continuity strategy.

Article by: Richard Stephenson | Published: 28 June 2017

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Top ten benefits of skilful dialogue

Sarah Rozenthuler, a leading international figure in the field of multi-stakeholder dialogue. A chartered psychologist and leadership consultant, gives her top ten reasons for clear and comprehensive communication.

Article by: | Published: 23 August 2016

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Email killing off face-to-face

Overuse Of Email is making workers less Confident talking to others as most have become so used to using indirect communication

Article by: | Published: 17 September 2012

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First impressions count

Today, business needs more flexibility to reflect changes in communications and is under increased pressure to reduce costs

Article by: | Published: 31 May 2012