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New life in the sun isn’t what it’s cracked up to be

Is the dream ever realised, is the vision ever delivered or do people just end up working harder and living with greater uncertainty?

Article by: Blair McPherson - Former Director, Author and Blogger | Published: 7 September 2023

The HR communication challenge

People generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for. The communication challenge for HR is to get people to look at things in a new or differently way and hear information that doesn’t fit with their views.

Article by: Blair McPherson - Former Director, Author and Blogger | Published: 17 August 2023

CHANGE MANAGEMENT – SET IN EMOTION – PRINT – Issue 225 – July 2023 | Article of the Week

Hybrid teams are not just about bridging gaps between physical and digital work experiences, it’s the hybrid of the cognitive and emotional cultures that underpin any successful workplace transformation. Businesses are under even greater pressure to adapt, as well as push forward transformation to incorporate new technology and hybrid working. Meanwhile, hybrid working demands restructure, forcing changes in culture and leadership. But when change fails, it is often because the mechanics have forged ahead, but the emotion remains behind.

Article by: NATALIE BOUDOU, FOUNDER - HUMANFORCE | Published: 2 August 2023

Is change fatigue making you think of changing your job?

A recent article highlighted employees reporting feeling frustrated and exhausted by constant change and seriously considering changing employers. The bad news is it’s the same wherever you go. Only it’s not. There is a difference.

Article by: Blair McPherson - Former Director, Author and Blogger | Published: 27 July 2023

Every company has a mission statement. But how many have an actual mission?

You can become a leader. But for this, you need to have a mission. And you need to cling to it just as fiercely on your worst day as you do on your best. If you can do this, your mission can become so ingrained it becomes part of your DNA.

Article by: Robert Jordan, CEO - InterimExecs | Published: 20 April 2023

Diddly Squat

The new boy has lots of, “good ideas” for improving efficiency and increasing income but have they any understanding of how the business works or the obstacles they must negotiate?

Article by: Blair McPherson - Former Director, Author and Blogger | Published: 10 March 2023


Microsoft is a prime example of a businesses that has learnt to evolve. When Satya Nadella joined Microsoft as CEO in 2014, he stripped back the business strategy to the fundamental notion that “we build tools, so that others can build more technology”, diversifying the business in the name of progression. Reframing and broadening Microsoft’s place in the market in this way, paved a path to the intelligent cloud system that is now the company’s biggest source of income.

Article by: MARÍA BALBÁS, PRESIDENT - ELEV8 | Published: 25 January 2023

It’s time to realise work has changed for good

The workplace has changed for good. The pandemic has driven significant behavioural change for workers. But many leaders haven’t caught up, and this is driving a growing disconnection between organisations and their people.

Article by: Barry McNeill - Semco Style Institute (SSI UK) | Published: 5 October 2022

Is old school management slowing the pace of change?

To be successful organisations need to be agile, able to adapt quickly and smoothly. Much has been written about the challenge managers face in getting employees to change the way they work. But what about the challenge of getting managers particularly senior managers to change the way they work?

Article by: Blair Mcpherson | Published: 27 May 2022