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Guide to new regulations on deductible and non-deductible business expenses

A fundamental rule of business is that profit equals income minus business expenditure and because businesses are only taxed on their profits, ensuring that all allowable expenses are accounted for makes good business sense. But which expenses are allowable by HMRC and which must be shouldered by the business? 

Article by: David Redfern | Published: 28 April 2019

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Seven tips to enable sales team success

Rewards don’t always have to be monetary. Show your sales team that you know them and care about them with personalised rewards like tickets to a show or game they want to see, or give them time off to spend with family. Introduce a competitive edge to these dynamic goals and get creative with the pay-off.

Article by: Charlotte Powell | Published: 27 April 2019

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Looking ahead to the 2019 contracting market

It’s difficult to predict how the contracting market will be impacted over the coming year. The 2019 Loan Charge and the introduction of IR35 into the private sector have been heavily debated over recent months with different parties - HMRC, contractors, companies and MPs - all seeking to influence the new legislation

Article by: Anthony Sherick | Published: 25 March 2019

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Innovation constrained by lack of support, budget and skills

Eager to be more competitive, organisations are making big investments in innovation projects. Almost half (43 percent) consider driving digital transformation to improve competitive advantage to be their top priority in the next year. A further 32 percent are allocating at least 20 percent of their IT budget to new projects.

Article by: Stephen Long | Published: 16 February 2019

Trends for 2020 

These transformations are having profound implications on the role and intrinsic value of the centralised workspace, as the balance shifts towards more flexible, diverse, de-centralised workplaces.  The physical workspace required for the talent of the future will be completely re-thought.

Article by: Bruce Barclay | Published: 14 February 2019

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The beautiful gain
Print – Issue 168 | Article of the Week

Being perceived as strategic and ‘always in control’ may have been the holy grail for leaders of the past, but increasingly, they need to be inspiring coaches and communicators, not hiding behind statistics and data.

Article by: Austin Swain | Published: 24 October 2018

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Top 10 tips for your business to weather tough times

Only a couple of years ago, I was about to close my business.  I’d tried everything to save it, but it simply wasn’t working. I was forced to let six staff go, leaving just myself and one other. Then, at the very last minute, we signed a key client and the company was saved.

Article by: Anthony Main | Published: 21 October 2018

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Design for adaptability and innovation

"Disrupt yourself or be disrupted”, is a growing cliché. But I’d encourage HR to park their desire for adopting disruptive behaviour for a moment and think of organisational performance in a more holistic and connected sense. The employee or consumer experience is not going to change just because HR want to be disruptive.

Article by: Chris Furnell | Published: 20 October 2018