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Brexit – the latest position on EU workers’ rights

Latest position on future status of EU nationals - EU citizens who arrive in the UK before 29 March 2019 - On 8 December 2017, the UK Government reached an agreement with Europe on EU citizens’ rights, which related specifically to EU nationals who arrive (or who are already) in the UK prior to the Brexit date (ie 29 March 2019).

Article by: Alan Kennedy | Published: 24 April 2018

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Article 50 one year on

Investors have actually enjoyed some pretty healthy returns from the stock market since the EU referendum, despite the political upheaval it has caused. The major factor affecting UK investors has been a falling pound, which has boosted the performance of overseas investments in particular. It has also helped the UK stock market too, seeing as Footsie companies earn a large chunk of their revenues from international operations.

Article by: Laith Khalaf | Published: 3 April 2018

Are you ready for love? | Print – Issue 161 | Article of the Week

As we forge into 2018, we have yet to see whether exit from the EU will have a detrimental effect on M&A activity. Moreover, will the relative value of the pound make Britain’s prized assets more attractive to overseas companies? It may not be as simple as this but, nevertheless, Boards will need to have the right resources and understanding in place to prepare them for action at a moment's notice.

Article by: Oliver Parry | Published: 21 March 2018

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How will Brexit, skills shortages and AI impact the HR community?

Last year was tantamount to the perfect political storm for HR professionals – A general election where jobs were high on the agenda (and with an outcome that was unexpected, at least by those in power at the time) and ongoing Brexit negotiations that will ultimately shape the medium to long-term outlook for the employment market and its regulation in this country.

Article by: Kirsty Groves | Published: 27 February 2018

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Brexit – a guide to the status of EU citizens in the UK

On 8 December 2017, the Government and the EU Commission reached an agreement on EU citizens’ rights following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.  We set out below a summary of the key points for both EU citizens and UK employers to be aware of.

Article by: Alan Kennedy | Published: 17 January 2018

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2018 predictions – a very challenging year ahead

2018 will see pay, productivity and migration top the agenda as the UK looks ahead to its exit from the European Union. In the CIPD’s annual labour market predictions, Ian Brinkley, Acting Chief Economist, anticipates a flattening of employment growth and weak pay growth as the UK continues to struggle with its productivity problem.

Article by: Ian Brinkley | Published: 6 January 2018

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The long divorce – Brexit hits another wall

Theresa May and the Conservative Party continue to push Brexit through the parliament citing the will of the people. So-called ‘Remainers’ are up in arms because, they say (amongst other things), it will make the country poorer and more isolated.

Article by: Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna | Published: 29 December 2017

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Ageing EU – the financial conundrum

Fidelity Benefits Consulting has highlighted the issue based on data from the World Bank, which shows that the number of individuals over the age of 65 across EU states will increase from 98 million in 2015 to 150 million in 2050 - an overall rise of 53 percent.

Article by: Mark Sullivan | Published: 4 October 2017

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EEA nationals beware of unconscious bias

Businesses must be careful to not discriminate against EEA nationals in the wake of the Brexit vote, not only because this could be a breach of the Equality Act, but also because this can be wholly unwarranted based on what we know so far about the post-Brexit plan for immigration.

Article by: Chris Cook | Published: 25 August 2017

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Using suppliers and labour from the EU? Prepared for Brexit?

The only thing that seems to be certain about Brexit is; on-going uncertainty. What does this mean practically for business and particularly procurement professionals, in managing continental suppliers in this uncertain and changing world? And what impact might it have if you reply on cheap labour from within the EU? Article by Nigel Ransom, 528 Advisory.

Article by: Nigel Ransom | Published: 16 August 2017