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Why employee advocacy could make (or break) employer brand

If your company is perceived by employees to be a great place to work, and they are openly sharing that fact across their own social media accounts, they become powerful advocates of who you are as an employer. And that can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to your recruitment strategy.

Article by: Cath Harrison - JVP Group | Published: 16 August 2023

Communicate culture to enhance candidate experience

The candidate experience matters more than ever - but it needs to be communicated from the first touch point, right through to the on-boarding stage.

Article by: Steve Smith, President International - Sterling | Published: 16 March 2023

Communication during uncertain times has never been more important

There’s no two ways about it, the world feels heavy. And let’s face it, it has done for a few years now. But as HR and business leaders, how do you navigate this and ensure your PR and Communications strategy is supporting your business in a positive way? Victoria Haley, Co-Founder of HuHa PR, offers her expert advice. 

Article by: Victoria Haley | Published: 6 February 2023

How to maintain employer brand through uncertainty

By the time you retire, it’s estimated that you would’ve spent close to 90,000 hours at work. That’s a third of your lifetime, give or take. That’s why it really matters who you choose to spend your time working for and with, and why the employer brand is increasingly important to job seekers.

Article by: Sarah Danzl, VP Communications at Degreed | Published: 6 December 2022

Is your employer brand rolled in glitter?

High demand for the best talent means it is only natural that businesses want their employer brand to stand out from the crowd. However, is it wise to focus on what is to be celebrated and admired, avoiding discussing the inevitable flip-side?

Article by: Catherine Fallon, Head of Employee Experience and Partner at creative communications agency Emperor | Published: 4 December 2022

Home and hybrid working – is a DSE epidemic coming?

Businesses that have cut costs when kitting employees out with WFH and hybrid workstations could find it's a reputationally costly false economy if there's an avalanche of MSD claims.

Article by: Lee Petts - Fifty2M | Published: 14 November 2022

Why it’s time to refresh your EVP

The employee value proposition (EVP) has been the backbone of the employer brand; the “hook” that retains your top talent and attracts candidates to your organisation. After 2+ years of disruption, many EVPs are no longer fit for purpose. To remain competitive in a candidate-driven labour market rife with skills shortages, it needs a rethink.

Article by: Nathan Miller - Humanforce | Published: 20 October 2022

What do employees want now?

Its crucial that there’s no gap between the perception of an organisation and the truth of working there. What’s portrayed must be authentic, otherwise new starters will not stay around once they realise that it’s not the reality.

Article by: Ian Barrow, Senior Employee Experience Consultant - WorkBuzz | Published: 16 September 2022

When candidate experience destroys reputations

The Great Resignation and ongoing talent shortages have given candidates the upper hand throughout hiring processes. As all industries continue to experience staff shortages, organisations can no longer afford to neglect their candidate experience. The first interactions with a potential employer should be positive and empowering for applicants as it sets the tone for how the business treats its staff. 

Article by: Rob Symons - Smart Recruiters | Published: 25 May 2022