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Boards cannot ignore shareholder activism

The phenomenon of shareholder activism has been building extensively for years and with an increasing impact. As UK, European & US shareholder voices continue to get louder and as activists exert more influence, reluctant boards can no longer ignore them but often search for new ways to stymie, deny or deliberately & directly resist such critical comments.

Article by: Marc Stigter and Cary Cooper | Published: 23 April 2018

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Why some brands fly and others flop

Whenever we worked to a brief issued by executive decision-makers, we had a better chance of moving with speed.  Middle marketing management were more preoccupied with the process.  Ideas took longer, research was endless and cost a lot of money. People who commission ideas should have the power to green light and enable their implementation.

Article by: David Gluckman | Published: 29 September 2017