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How data can improve customer call centre experience

To stay ahead of their competition, all centre managers need to leverage this data and monitor the impact that process changes and training have on metrics such as first call resolution, average handling time, and agent idle time.

Article by: Warren Newbert, CEO - Infinity | Published: 11 March 2023

Three-quarters of decision makers don’t trust data

As the UK heads into recession, while it is still battling with historically high inflation, now more than ever businesses must use every tool at their disposal to ensure they are as efficient and productive as possible. Increasingly, this means fully harnessing data to improve decision-making processes, particularly as it pertains to hiring and retaining talent. However, it is reported that 75% of executives don’t trust their data, despite knowing how important it can be. How then can businesses overcome common pitfalls to fully leverage the wealth of data at their disposal and drive positive business outcomes?

Article by: Sam Smith, President EMEA - Magnit | Published: 13 February 2023

Email usage drops – so why is email overload still a thing?

Poor communication practices and heavy workloads are the real culprits of wasted time, not the use of email or other forms of communication. The relatively low email usage reported by DeskTime shouldn’t make us complacent, as many organizations still have significant room for improvement. Email overload has simply taken a new shape. And it’s not yet clear whether we’re better off for it.

Article by: Rudolfs Millins, Contributor - Truesix | Published: 10 February 2023

Latest ICO consultation on subject access requests and the potential conflict for many HR professionals

The ICO states that the role must be free from “conflict of interest and does not take any direct operational decisions about the manner and purposes of processing personal data within your organisation.”   And yet DPOs in many companies find themselves with the dual role of also being directors of human resources. 

Article by: Lenitha Bishop, Chief Operating Officer at The DPO Centre | Published: 10 May 2022

DIGITALISATION OF HR – Bricks & Data – Print – Issue 210 – April 2022 | Article of the Week

Vision to transform to a people-focused digital organisation is not being obscured by a lack of commitment to spend on tech. Indeed, budgets are assigned and we are on the cusp of becoming people-focused digital organisations. However, digital transformation is reliant upon four essential elements, three are often in abundance - vision, tech and budget - but a crucial one, is evidently in deficit. As companies formulate their transformations, data has to be at the fulcrum of the plan.

Article by: Max Bailey, Technology Advisory Executive Director – Lace Partners | Published: 14 April 2022

The edge gained from HCM analytics

The reporting tools available with many HCM software solutions go beyond basic dashboards and use information in a way that supports organisational initiatives, tracks progress and predicts events. Using Business Intelligence (BI) helps a business to identify, adapt and improve across the entire HCM space via a comprehensive view of their workforce.

Article by: Sandra Walker - Sales Support Consultant | Published: 7 April 2022

It’s time to stop using ERP for reporting and analytics

Graham Spicer, Country Head, EMEA at SplashBI Analytics, outlines five ways why a self service reporting system is vital for businesses. 

Article by: Graham Spicer, Country Head, EMEA - SplashBI | Published: 19 February 2022

What gets measured gets improved

Alex Graves, CEO of Silicon Reef, a collaboration, productivity and wellbeing solutions consultancy, calls for better use of data in HR.

Article by: Alex Graves - Silicon Reef | Published: 14 February 2022

What really lies behind the data 

 Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it. Ok this is an old joke and clearly an exaggeration but big data is not alone in over promising and underdelivering.

Article by: Blair McPherson - former Director, Author and Blogger | Published: 14 January 2022