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Essential skills shortage – are apprenticeships the answer?

The study of 15 apprenticeships in emerging sectors, carried out by specialist recruitment company, Pareto Law, reveals a need for both soft skills and digital prowess in these emerging industries, and highlights the demand for further technological advancement across banking, telecommunications and science, among other sectors.

Article by: Jonathan Fitchew | Published: 17 March 2018

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“Ho!” “Heave!” “Ho!” “Heave!” “Ho!”* | Print – Issue 161 | Article of the Week

Bringing the apprenticeships programme to fruition has resembled the classic Laurel and Hardy feature The Music Box. The question is, not whether the piano will be delivered, but what occurs on the journey and, in what state it will be in when it arrives. We’re more than halfway through the timeframe that then PM David Cameron set out in August 2015 and, so far, the piano has taken some knocks.

Article by: Andy Smyth | Published: 14 March 2018

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Is the Government apprenticeship strategy up to the job?

Brexit has, understandably, dominated the political agenda since the referendum and the government has now begun to focus its efforts on negotiating an acceptable exit strategy. But while all eyes have been on Europe, a concerning trend has been emerging much closer to home.

Article by: Jo Sellick | Published: 8 March 2018

We must not give up on apprenticeships

The first official apprenticeships statistics since the launch of the Apprenticeship Levy, released back in October 2017, made for dismal reading. According to figures from DfE, total apprenticeship starts for May, June and July 2017 fell by 61 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.

Article by: Crissi Williams | Published: 15 January 2018

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Dear Philip Hammond: Ad-hoc tech investment is no match for a decent apprenticeship strategy

Last month’s budget announcement was full of promise with regard to bridging the productivity and skills gap for the UK as Philip Hammond promised extra funding for artificial intelligence, skills and technology. But when it comes to helping young people find their feet in a struggling workforce, this ad-hoc government funding for impressive-sounding technology misses the mark.

Article by: Nat Gross, President at BIMA | Published: 21 December 2017

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Now’s the time to utilise the levy, and how

The Levy offers businesses with a payroll of over £3m the option of getting training back in return for the money they pay into the Levy, any unspent money will be wasted as it is returned to the treasury at the end of the funding cycle. The levy funds can be used to fund apprenticeships for all levels of employees within a business from new starters to up-skilling existing more experienced employees to achieve higher levels of skills.

Article by: Daniel Lally | Published: 20 November 2017

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Do you know the apprenticeship Levy benefits?

The findings support our own research in this area. Earlier this year a survey of senior HR leaders found that under half (47 percent) of this group had sufficient information and guidance on the Levy. This is despite the fact that over two thirds (70 percent) believe that the initiative will ultimately create a new route into the workplace to supplement or rival graduate intake.

Article by: Tim Campbell | Published: 6 October 2017

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More must be done to encourage young people into apprenticeships

Attracting talent through a variety of different routes will be key to building capacity in the infrastructure sector and industry must do more to capture the imagination of young people, urges global infrastructure provider AECOM. Comment Richard Robinson, Chief Executive – Civil Infrastructure, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa at AECOM.

Article by: Richard Robinson | Published: 29 August 2017

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University isn’t always the answer!

That time of year is approaching again, and the UK's school leavers are thinking about their next steps. This can be a tough time for young people, making big decisions on what to do next and what options they have. Comment from Russell Butcher, Senior Manager, education, qualification and skills at Starbucks.

Article by: Russell Butcher | Published: 16 July 2017

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How the workforce feel about supporting apprentices

The government has set a target of 3 million apprenticeships by 2020 and introduced an apprenticeship levy for employers with an annual wages bill of over £3million. Government guidance for pay and conditions references the support apprentices should receive in the workplace. Article by Richard Daniel Curtis, CEO of The Mentoring School.

Article by: Richard Daniel Curtis | Published: 27 June 2017