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Empowering Employees with Self-Service Absence Management: Revolutionizing Leave Requests

Transform your absence management processes with time tracking digital software. Empower employees with self-service leave requests, automate approvals, enhance communication, and gain data-driven insights. Streamline HR operations for increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Embrace the future of absence management today!

Article by: Anja Rudic - TimeTrack | Published: 1 September 2023

Understanding employee transitions and exploring reasons for departure

Curious about why employees leave their jobs? Delve into the HR perspective on departure motivations. From career growth and work-life balance to compensation and culture fit, uncover the factors that influence employees' decisions. Discover how HR initiatives can enhance retention and create a vibrant workplace environment.

Article by: Maryna Stiahailo - NextGenHR | Published: 19 August 2023

Studies show what America’s sickest days are

Research tells us that some days are more popular for sick leave than others. We crunched the numbers and came up with the top ten days for calling in sick, along with more important things you need to know about sick leave, such as the most common reasons and methods for calling in sick.

Article by: Andrew Buck - Flamingo | Published: 15 August 2023

Celebrating quiet quitting?

The term Quiet Quitting seems to have taken hold and is trending in many spaces. Essentially, it refers to not doing more than what our job requires and, in some cases, restricting efforts at work. This is not anything new, and there have always been employees that have only done as their role necessitates.   I wonder whether this label has taken hold because people can resonate with it now more than ever.

Article by: Dr Jan Smith | Published: 6 October 2022

Humanizing the employee leave process

When the employee leave process is complex, stressful, and time-consuming, it can have negative consequences all around. Not only can it add stress for both employers and employees, it can lead to higher employee turnover rates or even lawsuits. Technology can be a bridge to better employee leave processes and outcomes.

Article by: Seth Turner, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer - AbsenceSoft | Published: 2 August 2022

Supporting army reserves in the workplace

There are nearly 200,000 reservists in the UK; that’s a lot of employees who will need to depend on the support of their employers should they be called up. To this end, many employers may have questions as to what happens in such a scenario.

Article by: Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director - Peninsula | Published: 28 June 2022

What does a cancer diagnosis mean at work?

Living with cancer can be a daunting experience and takes its, both physically and mentally. Not surprisingly, this has an impact on every part of a person's life, including work. But how can employers support their employees through this difficult time of their lives?

Article by: Kate Palmer - Peninsula UK | Published: 9 February 2022

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Time to evolve absence management practices

With such a strong focus on keeping business ticking over, there’s a real risk that employee support structures have taken a backseat when it comes to innovating for the new hybrid workspace and nowhere is that more clear than in the case of absence management.

Article by: Julie Lock, HCM Commercial Director - Advanced | Published: 11 January 2022

How to avoid holiday clashes becoming a Christmas dilemma

Leave requests and holiday clashes can be a cause of conflict year-round but especially so at Christmas. Whether it’s parents who want to make the most of the school break, people travelling to meet family, or someone who simply wants to enjoy the festive season, the fact is, hardly anyone wants to work at Christmas.

Article by: Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director - Peninsula | Published: 10 December 2021

Returning to work after long-term absence

Alaana Woods shares her own personal story on returning to work after long-term absence and encourages businesses to take steps to protect and retain employees.

Article by: Alaana Woods - BUPA EAP | Published: 17 July 2021