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11 Ways to Use AI for Your Studies Without Getting in Trouble

Discover how AI can revolutionize your studying and assignments. Read on for 11 innovative ways to use AI for learning and achieve academic success.

Artificial intelligence has many benefits in learning: it can translate texts, prepare a simple strategy, or generate material for you in just a couple of seconds. But there is one drawback: its use can be perceived as cheating, that is, a violation of fundamental rules. 

More and more universities are tightening their rules regarding AI, so you should definitely know how to use it correctly to avoid problems. Below, we have prepared tips that will help you use this tool in the safest and most responsible way.

1: Stay In Touch With Your Teacher

Talk to your professor about their rules and guidelines for using AI for homework. Of course, each teacher has their own expectations regarding the originality of the work and the acceptable use of third-party platforms. It’s better to find out about them right away.

Follow the instructions you receive to avoid getting into trouble. After all, in fact, everyone interprets cheating differently. What is considered normal by one teacher may be considered a serious violation by another. It also all depends on the type of task. 

However, if the instructions are really complex and you realize that you need help getting the paper finished right, here’s some advice. You can always reach out to write my essay service to get help with a task of any complexity. An experienced essay writer knows exactly what your paper needs. Therefore, they will use all their expertise and skills to ensure that your assignment receives the highest grade. 

2: Know What AI Is Good At

Fortunately, AI is not always associated with plagiarism, for example, it is excellent at preparing ideas, organizing citations, or creating guidelines for you on a specific topic. Of course, the sites that the AI uses must be indicated as the source so that all borrowings are mentioned correctly. The format can be APA, MLA, Chicago and so on.

3: Use It When Brainstorming

So, the topic of work is right in front of you, but there are zero ideas in your head? Don’t rush to panic. AI is a great partner in creating a collection of ideas. You might even like the thesis it proposes. If it’s logical and strong, why not use it? By the way, you can specify the instructions for your assignment in the AI writing prompt to set the task more specifically.

At the final stage, when you need to write conclusions, AI will also come in handy. Let’s say you need to select key ideas from complex and confusing material. Luckily, AI will quickly do this for you. And it will prepare the main ideas you need to know from the whole bunch of pages.

So here’s what AI can help you with. It creates a list of resources you need to study on a topic, such as a selection of books or websites. They will be truly relevant. Second, it will select key points – the most important thoughts that are worth indicating in the work.

4: Ask It For Recommendations

Need some tips? Write in the AI prompt something like: “What is worth reading about …?” or “What are the best works on the topic …?” AI will go through its database to prepare top resources for your work. In fact, AI tools can help you with recommendations in many study-related fields, be it time management, efficient research, tutoring, etc.

5: Rely On It For Structuring Material

If you’re not good at dividing the text into chapters and creating the right structure, let AI do it for you. It organizes parts of the work correctly in a logical, consistent, and easy-to-understand manner. This will be useful for any work, be it deep, voluminous research or a traditional essay.

If your work is almost finished, but you still need a little help from a human author from a trusted essay writing service, why not trust the professionals? Specialists from the best paper writing service can assist you with your finished work to bring it to perfection. Organizing material, editing and proofreading – they can handle any task.

6: Ask It To Rewrite The Text

Here’s a way to hack the system – use AI to avoid cheating. How? Give AI the task of rewriting the text to make it sound different. Choose the main thoughts, supplementing them with your own reflections. 

Remember that AI helps save time in many ways. If you don’t have time to rewrite the work yourself and don’t want to copy, ask the AI to move on to paraphrasing. Of course, then include credits of the author.

7: Search For Examples

Do you need to give examples, but nothing comes to mind? Well, AI will find them in a couple of seconds. It will illustrate the idea, highlight the main concepts and find the perfect complement for your work. 

8: Edit And Edit Again

When you sit at work for a long time, your brain gets used to it and simply stops noticing typos, mistakes and incorrect punctuation. Do you want to get rid of grammar errors, misspellings and weak pieces? Rely on AI in this matter. It will quickly highlight what needs editing, saving you a lot of time and increasing your grade. We recommend Grammarly – this platform is popular among students from all over the world.

Let AI check your entire draft or individual sentences. If they are difficult to understand or too confusing, it will inform you about it. By the way, this is how the Hemingway editor works.

9: Ask For An Independent Opinion

Here’s something that not everyone knows about – AI can generate feedback and evaluate your work. It will tell you what looks weak and what you should focus on. For example, AI will indicate that your arguments are strong, but there are not enough counterarguments. Or your examples are weak. AI will tell you which parts to add to the work to make it stronger.

10: Make Citations Perfect

Are you not very familiar with formats like Chicago, APA or MLA? Don’t know how to organize quotes correctly? Yes, it can be quite confusing and time-consuming. Here’s a solution to this problem – let AI create a citation you need. Moreover, you don’t have to provide all the information, because the AI can find it on its own.

11: Find Helpful Resources

Are you missing resources like flashcards, quizzes or mind maps? Want someone to explain complex concepts to you in simple words? AI will carry out these simple tasks, making your life easier.

To Wrap It Up

In general, AI definitely has many advantages – it helps with the structure and organization of paper, finding ideas and formulating them, organizing quotes and tables of contents. It can also recommend you valuable sources, prepare feedback and rewrite the text for you. Use it wisely and your performance will surely improve.

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