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How to manage large volumes of recruitment

Richard Clarke

Many businesses in the UK experience large volumes of recruitment, you may need to hire or recruit large teams, graduate programmes, seasonal demands or regular recruiting, and so making sure you have the best recruitment processes in place to reach, manage and secure the right candidates quickly could easily mean the difference between success and failure. Contributor Richard Clarke, CEO and Founder of Recruitive Software.

There are simple steps to ensure you succeed at volume recruitment: Having the right recruitment and selection process is imperative.

Ensure you have talent pooling – are the right people already in your Talent Pool? Know what you are looking for; having an idea of your perfect job profile can assist with identifying quality candidates and the screening out of those who are not suitable.

Be ready for large application volumes; managing your responses with automated emails/ SMS and CV Parsing will assist with managing the volume and flag candidates with the relevant skills. Appointing the right people, means it’s highly likely they will be more engaged and remain in employment with you for longer, reducing your costs and winning the war for talent.

What to do when a job application hits your desk?

1.Make the right hiring decisions by already having a target list of pre-screened candidates to approach.

2. Once recruited, streamlining your on-boarding process will help keep your new recruits engaged until they start. Don’t alienate unsuccessful candidates; they may well be your next great hire.

3. It’s more important than ever before for employers to ensure they are not spending more time than needed on hiring the right employees.

4. Implementing a system which automates as much of the process as possible will not only save valuable time and money but will also enhance the candidates’ journey by acknowledging their application, regardless of the outcome.


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