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Seven Jobs You Might Be Applying For In The Future 

Polina Montano

You may be stacking shelves, selling clothes or fixing cars, but some of these jobs are in danger of disappearing in the future, as it is expected that machines will be capable of carrying out half of all work tasks by 2025.

The loss of current jobs is to be expected, according to data* analysed by the UK’s number one hiring app, JOB TODAY, with nearly 50% of companies expecting that automation will lead to some reduction in their full-time workforce by 2022.

As research suggests certain types of jobs are at risk of disappearing in years to come, Polina Montano, co-founder of the UK’s number one hiring app, JOB TODAY, has compiled a list of jobs that could become commonplace in the future, so you can get yourself prepared for a potential new career:

Android Relationship Counselor
“A new age of robot relationships? Yes! Some scientists suggest that we may need to seek the advice of a robot romance counsellor as we will have to learn how they function within relationships and the possible dangers of AI romance. Just think of Siri in human form.”

Alternative energy consultant 
“We’ve not said goodbye to oil and gas just yet, but alternative energy sources such as wind, hydrogen, solar and geothermal will help create dozens of new careers and change the job landscape significantly. Expect to see demand for mechanics, plant managers, scientists and even marketers in this sector grow.”

Chief Productivity Manager 
“As machines will be constantly upgraded in order for them to work faster and smarter, businesses will be on the lookout for someone who can quickly train the remaining human workforce on how to operate the new technology.”

Organ and Body Part Creator
“The list for those requiring organ donation is increasing rapidly by the day, and it is obvious that we are currently unable to keep up with demand. Evolving printing technology and an intelligent human operator could allow us to 3D print body parts to save lives and make organs instantly.”

Extinct species revivalist 
“Unfortunately, climate change has resulted in the extinction of thousands of species of animals. But, there may be hope as technology could aid us in recreating previously extinct species. Those with an interest in zoology could be the key players in reintroducing the animals we have driven to extinction.”

Space Nurses
“Commercial space travel is drawing ever closer, and although we may be able to travel into space and have an out-of-this-world holiday in the near future, humans aren’t necessarily built for it. To be able to withstand the effects of zero-gravity we would need the aid of space healthcare assistants to monitor our condition and treat us as necessary, to allow us to remain in space for long periods of time.”

AI Psychologist
“As we aim to make robots as human-like as possible, we need to be able to ensure that there is a focus on maintaining their psychological and emotional wellbeing. Essentially, a mind engineer will need to be created, or in other words, an AI Psychologist.”

Chief Trust Officers
“The title ‘CTO’ could take on an entirely different meaning in the future. With such a big focus on how data is used by companies at the moment, we don’t expect this to change in the future and a specialist who can make sure a company is as trustworthy as possible will be a necessity.”

Polina continued: While some of these careers might make people feel a little daunted about what the future holds, it’s important to realise that many existing careers will become more important as the years go by. The UK has an ageing population which means health workers, including doctors, nurses and physios, will be required to make sure the elderly get the care they need.

“Marketing is a very popular career choice for graduates in 2019, and there’s nothing to suggest it will be any less popular in the future. With increased competition across all sectors, companies will be constantly looking for ways to differentiate their products and services, meaning innovative, enthusiastic marketing professionals who understand the developing digital landscape will be in high demand.

“While some jobs may be at risk of vanishing as a result of automation, we can be confident that many of the careers people work in today will be around for many years to come.”

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