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The way the game should be played

Blair Mcpherson
All successful chief executives have a management philosophy except those who don’t. But not having a philosophy is in away a philosophy. Either way the characteristics of success are that the CE sticks to their philosophy no matter what. Which results in people being a success in one place but not in another.
I am not referring to leadership style although I appreciate there is some overlap. I am referring to a managers view on what it takes to make a successful business/ organisation. Beliefs held so strongly that even if they are not successful they are still considered the right way to do business.
The manager who appears to have no management philosophy, as opposed to some one who can’t articulate their philosophy, is a manager who believes that talent is more important than a set of rules about how things should be done. Their approach is simply to appoint very talented individuals and then given them their head, let them do it their way. Such a manager sees their role as to organise, motivate and evolve the team. This is the Real Madrid , Galacticos or superstars approach, recruit these who have proved they are exceptionally talented and let them do their thing. As opposed to the Manchester City approach under Pep Guardiola which is to recruit individuals to play in a very specific system. Pep has a very explicit philosophy on how the game should be played.
Both philosophies have enjoyed considerable success. But the absence of a philosophy is contrary to the direction of modern business thinking however during a pandemic the freedom of action it allows may prove an advantage.
Either way the tone is set from the top. The management philosophy will determine how the organisation treats customers, partners, providers and employees. The philosophy determines how the organisation negotiates and goes about securing contracts. The philosophy determines the approach to Health and Safety  regulations, or tax avoidance. Whether the organisation seeks to find ways round legislation,  bends the rules or condones breaking them as long as you can get away with it.

Whether the organisation wishes to be considered a good employer or simply prefers to pay people off to avoid the bad publicity of being found guilty of unfair dismissal. HR can influence the management philosophy within the organisation but it’s for others to determine how the game should be played.

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