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The Righteous Manager 

Blair Mcpherson

If you describe someone as self-righteous, you disapprove of them because they are convinced that they are right in their beliefs, attitudes and behaviour and that other people are wrong. Contributor Blair Mcpherson former Director, Author and blogger.

However, the Righteous Manager is a good guy. She or he takes the role and responsibility very seriously. Justice and honesty are very important to them. Their work is informed by professional values. Their strong ethical stance and noble mindedness can led to the criticism that they are naive in the ways of the world.

But they are not naive they know how the world works, they just believe in how the world should be and instinctively act as if it is. The Righteous Manager wants to do what is right. In a debate they will be swayed by arguments based on values. Actions that will make the service/business better for the customer are more attractive than those that will improve efficiency or save money.

Their reputation with staff, colleagues and partner agencies is of honesty and honourableness. Which means they are trusted and people like working with them. This makes them good senior managers. However less honourable people can sometimes take advantage. Not everyone does what they say they will or plays by the rules. Which means that despite their skills and knowledge politicians may doubt they are right for the top job, not sufficiently pragmatic (ruthless).

Whilst not pious they can be shocked by bad language or inappropriate behaviour. They don’t swear and don’t think others should especially in the work situation. For the Righteous Manager there is only black and white and they feel very uncomfortable with being forced into grey areas.

The Righteous Manager is affronted by bullying and a bullying management style, even where such a style is the norm and consider strong effect management that delivers.

Before becoming a Manager the RM would not go along with practices adopted by staff but not sanctioned by management to make their life easier As a manager they would root out such practices.

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