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Brand, Business & Leadership

Juggling the Big 3 for Lawyers: Brand,
Business & Leadership’
by Jennifer Overhaus

Denise Crawford MBA, Academic Team
Leader and Course Leader (Management Programmes) at Nottingham Law
School casts her eye over
“Juggling the Big 3 for Lawyers: Brand, Business & Leadership” by Jennifer

excellent developmental guide for associates with or without partner aspirations,
tackling the key skills and attributes so often ignored at this stage in a
lawyer’s career. At long last with Jennifer’s insight and practical experience emerges
a recognition that high intellect and technical skills are a given, whilst the
true differentiating factors in what is essentially a ‘people business’ are the
softer skills required to build and nurture relationships – both internally and
externally – and most importantly in developing a level of self awareness and
self belief which will ultimately lead to well developed emotional as well as
intellectual intelligence.

book provides a sound practical focus with the style of writing conducive to
retaining the interest of the reader, which together with the practical
exercises and the Big 3 Tool Kit make
it much more than a mere ‘book’. The subject matter is comprehensive but not
daunting and really does address the key issues which will give the young
lawyer the opportunity to gain a competitive edge. The book is clearly tackled
from the perspective of a ‘mentor’ with a wealth of personal experience who is
willing to share in order to assist in the development of others.

lawyers to step outside of their technical comfort zone and focus on ‘soft’ issues
hitherto often ignored is in itself challenging but essential for the
continuing development of the profession and those within it. Those exploring
the book’s content are urged to do so with an open and enquiring mind.

focus on issues of brand, business and leadership are spot on and encouraging
the reader to understand what makes both themselves and others ‘tick’ is, in my
view, at the heart of any successful ‘people business’. The chapters flow well
from exploring behaviours, motivation and people skills to personal development
and insight right through to relationship building, business development and
leadership. No stone is left unturned! Jennifer’s interest in and knowledge of the
impact of behaviours on business and business relationships is clear to see
from the outset and if the messages are taken on board self awareness, insight
and personal development for the reader can only emerge as a result.

final word of warning from Jennifer – and one which I would endorse – is that
with self knowledge and insight, may also come the recognition that a change in
career direction might be appropriate. If this thought emerges during the
course of reading the book, I would urge the reader to retain an open mind,
stay in the question and consider the strength of any new insights prior to
acting.  Remember that personal insight
is a powerful tool and its potential impact on yourself and those around you should
not be underestimated.

the Big 3 is a book which I would recommend for any lawyer wishing to prepare
for a leadership role either within or even outside of the legal profession.

Denise Crawford MBA
Team Leader
Leader  – Management Programmes
Nottingham Law

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