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It’s not Personal, it’s professional

Blair McPherson - former Director, Author and Blogger

The new boss doesn’t want you as part of their senior management team. They have made it clear you have no future in the organisation. It’s profession rather than personal but it’s increasingly hard to see it that way as you are deliberately excluded, isolated and undermined. There has even been a suggestion of lack of commitment which seems particular unjust bearing in mind all those evening meetings and bank holidays when you were the senior manager on call. The criticism appears to stem from your on going work on two influential national working groups. The previous boss was happy for you to be involved in these government working groups believing it raised the profile of the organisation, your new boss thinks its more about raises your profile.

You have made it clear you do not intend to be forced out. You know your long standing positive relationship with board members means you will have support and your track record and contribution to the organisation’s success means the chief executive won’t have it all their own way. But the chair of the board/leade is going to want to back their new chief executive. The leader accepted when they made the appointment that the chief executive would want to make some changes in the senior management team although you would like to think they didn’t have you in mind after all its not that long ago people were talking of you as the next chief executive.

You don’t want to stay where you’re  not wanted. It’s clear that your new boss is going to make your life uncomfortable and doing your job very difficult. It’s a big Organisation and the salaries for senior managers reflect the ambition of board members. It will be difficult to secure another senior management post to match your current salary without going for a more senior post maybe in a small or medium size organisation. It will almost certainly involve uprooting the family. You can use your extensive network and those influential contacts to find out what’s out there maybe something in a different area of business.  One thing is for sure you don’t want to be pushed out until you have found the right post but that maybe easier said than done.

As a sign of thing to come the chief executive is pushing an accommodation review which will see you as the only senior manager not based in HQ. Increasingly the boss is making themselves unavailable to you, when ever you try to get a one to one their PA says they are not available so you have taken to sitting out side his office, like a naughty school boy, hoping to get five minutes between meetings. At a recent conference for the management teams of all the directorates the chief executive addressed the meeting about the budget situation and the implications for the current year and the foreseeable future. This was followed by questions from the floor. Without warning the chief executive turned to you and said “ perhaps you would like to explain to everyone what our position is on this issue”. You were forced to say you didn’t know, as far as you were concerned it had not been discussed, thus confirming to all present including your own managers that you were out of the loop and before long out of the door.

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