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Menopause in the workplace – the hidden cost

Menopause in the workplace is a misunderstood and up-and-coming topic, and when left unaddressed, it poses hidden consequences for both employees and employers. Today, there is a collective effort by organisations and individuals to advocate for change, aiming to create an environment where everyone can thrive professionally.

Almost a quarter of UK working women have considered quitting their jobs due to the impact of menopause or menstrual symptoms at work, new research by Simplyhealth has revealed. Unless more is done by employers to understand and support women’s health issues, the workforce risks losing 3.5m female employees.

In a time where inclusivity has never been higher on the agenda, companies must tackle this challenge for their female employees head on, or risk falling behind as society moves towards a future where all members of the workforce have the right to flourish. 

Although a large number of women already express desire for their employer to be supportive when it comes to women’s health, there is a huge gap in the implementation of successful menopause policy.

Hazel Hayden, an ex NHS Nurse and Menopause Expert said on the topic: “There’s a huge lack of education in women’s health. Women themselves don’t even know when they’re in perimenopause – the time around menopause. Let alone how they can help themselves at this difficult time. Me and my team of nurses want to talk about women’s health in relation to men’s health and the wider business context. At the Independent Health and Wellbeing Group we have the ability to affect governmental change when it comes to women’s menopause and menstrual health and awareness.”

As organisations and individuals rally for a shift, the question arises: Will employers hear this call and empower their female workforce, or risk losing 3.5 million valuable contributors to the professional landscape? 

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