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Are Celebrity ‘advice’ books Fake News?

Susan Scott

For any health professional or therapist, January is the time to be afraid – very afraid. Every year it is the same and their clients and patients come in with all sorts of new strategies, strange diets and unusual advice which they have read in the plethora of Celebrity health books, diet plans and self-help titles that they received as Christmas presents. Contributor Susan Scott, Business Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist, trainer, consultant and coach.

Why is it that we are so gullible to think that a Celebrity DJ can tell you anything worthwhile about fitness or a radio presenter has suddenly become an expert on diet recipes? It appears that we would rather trust the advice of an actor than a qualified health professional.

It is possible because, as a stressed-out-nation, we are struggling to cope and desperate for solutions that we will turn anywhere for help.  In a recent survey carried out by author and stress expert Susan Scott, over a third of Millennials are so stuck in the fast lane of their careers that many are close to burnout.  The pressure they are under is now more than ever before.  So will buying a glossy book by a well-known celebrity DJ give then the answers that they need? Probably not!  Maybe it is not too late to get your money back on an unwanted present.

There’s a backlash brewing against the unqualified bloggers that have had a worrying impact on our nation’s health – particularly the young and vulnerable. The ones that claim to know all there is about health, nutrition, attitudes… in fact life yet haven’t a qualification to their name.

Susan’s top tips
Dealing with ongoing demands, pressure and worries can leave you struggling to cope and fearing that one day you simply won’t be able to go on. It can happen to the best of us. Susan’s number one best seller, “How to prevent burnout” will provide you with the knowledge and tools to: Create a more balanced life; Understand what your personal stress triggers are; Enhance the health of your adrenal glands using diet and lifestyle; Manage your attitudes to achieve a quieter mind and calmer you; Build your resilience and enhance your capacity to cope; Feel yourself again and have the energy to achieve your dreams. Susan Scott’s new book is, How to prevent burnout and reignite your life and career

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