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Eastenders see the Future of Work

The Brew

From the busy morning commute on the Tube to the line out the door of the city’s coffee shop, there is evidence of London’s bustling professional population everywhere. But many office spaces in the city are no longer satisfied with the traditional working model of heading to a grey office and drudging away all day; companies want lively workspaces with the latest technology and a fun, creative environment. Case study from The Brew.

There is no better place to look at these trends in working life than East London, an area constantly innovating and changing. Here, we take a look at how the world of work is changing through the lens of stylish Shoreditch. One trend that’s currently taking hold of East London is the virtual office. By setting up the proper technology and internet access, business owners and employees are now able to work just about anywhere, but setting up in a coffee shop or working from home isn’t always conducive to productivity.

Virtual offices are a great alternative because they offer a focused atmosphere that gives companies room to grow, and the virtual offices in Shoreditch are some of the best – chic, impressive and ideal for both serious businesses and budding entrepreneurs. One such virtual office in Shoreditch is The Brew. With several locations in East London, like Shoreditch Stables on Kingsland Road and Eagle House in central Shoreditch, The Brew is a business club and co-working space that provides resources and a stunning environment for workers to create and connect.

Large and small businesses alike can set up in The Brew, which features spacious meeting rooms and a stylish interior with locally crafted furniture, exposed brick and commissioned art pieces. More and more companies are discovering virtual offices suit creative thinking, productivity and expansion, but the businesses of East London are leading the pack when it comes to finding the best co-working spaces the city can offer.

According to Forbes, augmented and virtual reality is making its way into the workplace. With VR on the rise in gaming, films and other forms of entertainment, the office is not far behind. Training videos that implement VR could help introduce new employees to their company’s protocols in a way that’s highly interactive, exciting and instructional. From streamlining the induction process to practicing for a big presentation, augmented and virtual reality could revolutionise offices. Dubbed “Tech City” for its status as a technology and start-up hub, savvy companies in East London are sure to jump on this trend as it develops.

Typical office break rooms are drab, but Shoreditch’s offices are embracing the trend of livening up communal areas. East London’s workspaces often contain gaming areas, ping pong tables, bean bag chairs and cafés to give their employees some respite from a busy work day. Shoreditch-based tech agency DigitasLBi’s refurbished office is a perfect example of this movement towards recreation at work. The space features a beautiful night and day bar and lots of café seating for workers to relax. It’s just one of many offices in London that are embracing a bit of fun in the workplace. The common thread throughout these trends seems to be a sense of fun and style, which is no surprise for East London. As London’s hip, hardworking and artistic heart, Shoreditch is sure to continue fostering innovation and creativity in the workplace, staying on the cutting edge of work trends.

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