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There’s no worker shortage… it’s a speed to hire issue

Sean Behr, CEO - Fountain

The hiring climate in 2022 will continue to be difficult, and every step of the recruiting process now counts. Taking too long to hire can mean an applicant may go elsewhere so speed is of the essence. Companies that use technology like texting, video interviews and mobile-optimized job application forms will reduce their time-to-hire from weeks to days — even to hours.

We’ll See More “Fair Chance” Hiring
Businesses including Home Depot, American Airlines, and Under Armour already have hiring practices inclusive of those with criminal records. In 2021 more companies will rethink their outdated hiring practices and workplace stigmas, which exclude the more than 70 million formerly incarcerated Americans. There will be more acceptance of applicants with conviction histories and a realization that these individuals can improve diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Studies have also shown that individuals with criminal records have a much longer tenure and are less likely to quit their jobs voluntarily than other workers.

Retention, Retention, Retention
Will we see the rise of the “Chief Retention Officer” in 2022?  Perhaps! 2022 will be the year where companies use more technology to retain the workers they fought so hard to get in 2021.

We’ll see more investment in employees and technology via microlearning, upskilling, mobility, pay and remote work.

C-Suite Will Prioritize HR Tech Investment to Enable Faster Hiring
Today’s job applicants demand an easy, engaging, mobile-friendly experience, and HR leaders must have the right technologies to keep up with those expectations — or lose the candidate to a competitor. The worker shortage of 2021 has spotlighted how urgent it is for companies to reduce time-to-hire and cost with tech solutions like video interviews and automation of as much of the hiring cycle as possible.

In 2022, we’ll see top company executives, like CIOs, prioritizing assistance to HR leaders, with an emphasis on applying the right tech to hiring, from using bigger IT budgets to integrating innovative, new recruitment solutions into existing HR software platforms.

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