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Business leaders’ give their thoughts on managing through COVID-19 crisis

EJ Sieracki, Senior Director - Voice of the Employee, Confirmit and Matthew Wride (JD, PHR), President - DecisionWise

“Over the past couple of months businesses have had to adapt very quickly to new working practices. Communication with employees is vital, and we’re seeing more and more companies harness pulse solutions to check in with and understand their teams through digital channels such as apps, video, and pictures” – EJ Sieracki, Senior Director – Voice of the Employee, Confirmit

“Understanding ‘themes’ at the current time is important. It enables organisations to show that they value and care about employees, and make clear recommendations that contribute towards cohesiveness and demonstrate inclusion. Tone here is critical – this is not about a simple exchange of information, it’s about establishing empathy, even while tough decisions are being made.” – Matthew Wride, President, DecisionWise

“The ability to support employees at the moment should be the top priority for any organisation – not only for day-to-day insight, but to help make longer-term strategic decisions. As companies begin to look at how to get people back into stores, offices, and warehouses, they need to understand new concerns and priorities to plan for the future. They will be dealing with a new normal, and that will only be possible if they support their employees at every stage.” – EJ Sieracki, Senior Director – Voice of the Employee, Confirmit

“Multiple communication channels provide multiple sources of information. Organisations need to be deliberate and purposeful about how they communicate to ensure the right information gets to the right people; rather than rumour and hearsay. Identifying key and often ‘hidden’ influencers can help organisations to drive change by connecting with these individuals and using them as advocates for change.” – Matthew Wride, President, DecisionWise

“Listening to employees isn’t enough. By asking questions, particularly at the moment, companies are setting up an expectation for action. We are seeing a much more condensed approach to feedback and action as companies try to meet that expectation. Those that succeed will come out of the current situation with a loyal workforce who have a real understanding of what their company stands for.” – EJ Sieracki, Senior Director – Voice of the Employee, Confirmit

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