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Movie nights a real crowd pleaser

The importance of striking the right balance between life inside the office and life outside has become increasingly important to HR teams and office managers. Suppliers of cinema tickets to the HR and Motivation industry FILMOLOGY explore why a trip to the movies can help address the work-life balance for many a hard-working employee.

Research has continually shown that those employees who enjoy a more stable work-life balance are happier and more productive. Doing something simple like offering vouchers for leisure activities, such as a trip to the cinema, is a cost-effective way for companies to make sure that their employees have a more balanced life. Here are seven reasons why organisations should use this approach and offer them to their staff.


Sometimes it seems as if all we do is go to work and back again. The rat race consumes us Monday to Friday and the monotony of it can become frustrating, but a mid-week evening outing to go and see the latest blockbuster or hit movie can offer some much needed respite. Offering staff the opportunity to do this at the company’s expense is a fantastic way to boost morale.


It is the pure escapism of the movies that is one of the outstanding benefits of a night at the cinema.  Viewers become engrossed in the storyline and forget all their own concerns – no emails, no ringing phones, no nagging customers, managers or colleagues; even if the film is fast paced, a trip to the cinema is very relaxing.


Stress can build up within us without warning and it needs to be released. Spending time away from the causes of stress is extremely beneficial for both physical and mental health. A night out really can make the difference.


Everyone gets a boost from spending time with loved ones. Whether family or friends, surrounding yourself with people you care about is a great way to recharge your batteries. A trip to the cinema is something to look forward to, a fun night out, but it offers more than an evening together; it offers a shared memory and something to talk about for a good while afterwards.


There is nothing like an incentive to push people to work harder, and offering cinema ticket vouchers as a reward to staff who perform particularly well is a fantastic way to ensure you get the best out of your staff. If one member of the team comes in to work telling their colleagues about the great night they had, it will also inspire others.


When employees earn cinema ticket vouchers as a reward, they have plenty of choice. They can choose who they go to the cinema with, they can choose what film they go to see, and when they go to see it. This makes cinema ticket vouchers a particularly attractive incentive and something that every employee will want to work towards.


The bottom line is that, when employees are happier and feeling less stressed, they work harder and the business becomes more productive. Cinema ticket vouchers are a great way to motivate staff, no matter what age, sex, race or religion as there is always something to suit everyone (even if it means waiting a short while). They are cost-effective for the business and can make a real difference.

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