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Quiet firing – what businesses need to know

Ivan Harding, CEO and Co-Founder - Applaud

Quiet Firing, another iteration of the ‘Quiet Quitting’ trend, has seen an uptake in interest in recent weeks as employees wonder if it’s happening to them. According to Forbes, this is where an employer slowly stops engaging with an employee in the hope they will eventually quit, and avoid the business having to fire them.

 Ivan Harding, CEO of Applaud:  “‘Quiet Firing’ is a huge issue for businesses. If employees don’t feel heard or they can’t see a clear progression path, they might look for a role elsewhere in the hope of feeling more valued. With the number of job adverts at a record high, this isn’t a risk HR leaders should be running.

“Ultimately, this new trend is down to time-poor managers not having the resources and time to fully commit to the career progression of their team. They spend their time on the core parts of their job role, leaving little time to meet regularly and nurture those that they manage.”

“One quick way to set managers up for success is to implement work tech designed to support them in their managerial responsibilities. For example, providing important nudges so that they won’t forget any of their direct reports’ key moments such as work anniversaries.

This empowers managers to carve out time for their team rather than always being focused on project delivery and offering data-driven insights into the sentiment of their team so they can catch any issues early on and put in plans to improve them.’

“No business wants to ‘Quiet Fire’ their workforce, so they need to ensure they are conveying this to those who work for them. Giving managers time back to focus on their teams is vital to continual talent retention.”

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