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How HR Skills and Competencies Affect Business Development

Michael Marshall

Let me boldly state this; Business Development works best in well-functioning business organisations and companies, in all departments and functions, with highly skilled and motivated staff and employees, working as a team. HR Human Resources is critical in the success of this. Contributor Michael Marshall –

Highly skilled motivated staff will not work in or stay working, in a dysfunctional unproductive & unrewarding work environment. Misleading job advertisements with higher level skills, knowledge & experience needed and a fancy higher level job title but for low pay does not work to attract and retain skilled staff. This is an indication and symptom of bad leadership, bad management and a bad unproductive work environment.

When I train Business Development in business organizations /companies and when I teach Business Development to advanced grad level MBA students. I include discussions about how HR Human Resources affects Business Development and their positive competent efforts is critical for the success of Business Development. This is under the expertise of what is known as ‘Human Capital Managemen Development’ and ‘Organizational Development’.

Any inadequate skills, inadequate competencies and inadequate progressive attitudes of HR Human Resources will hinder Business Development.
Skilled competent HR Human Resources include; Assisting in attracting, recruiting & retaining highly skilled staff and employees; Researching competitive pay levels & benefits for staff & employees positions  And applying such,  to attract and retain highly skilled people

Creating affective incentive programs for staff and employees to reinforce and reward excellent efforts that help improve the business and help grow the business  Suggestions for improvements and business growth should always be encouraged and have incentives and reward in place to support and encourage such

Working closely with senior leadership to establish the most affective work environment, high productivity and help meet strategic objectives & goals. Coordinating programs that stimulate team oriented and all motivated to contribute to continual improvements and business development

Continually investigating skill levels of all  employees and staff and coordinate additional training needed; Coordinating programs to stimulate a healthy positive work environment that is safe and self-fulfilling for all

Assisting in managing conflicts
Assisting in employees’ issues affecting the job and the business; Coordinating healthcare insurance and other benefits; Keeping up-to-date with employee legal issues, regulations and laws

All of these skills and expertise directly affects the success of business development. When the HR Human Resources in a business / company do have all these skills and expertise listed here in this article and fully utilize them, they are significantly contributing to growing the business and the business success in many ways.

But, when the HR Human Resources do not have all of these skills, expertise and progressive attitudes, this significantly contributes to the business struggles and hinders business development / business growth.

A lack of any these skills, expertise and progressive attitudes will hinder Business Development.

It is unfortunate that this can be a major issue in today’s business environment more often than most would think.

Unfortunately, often, HR Human Resources focus on:

  • finding less costly health insurance with less personal coverage with increasing individual deductions and costs
  • coordinate payroll
  • general HR Human Resources paperwork
  • employee conflicts and issues with the work environment not being productive
  • recruiting more employees and staff because the higher skilled staff and employees have left the company/business
  • finding and recruiting individuals with less and lower skills that will work for lower pay

The other HR Human Resources skills and competencies needed for Business Development, Improvements and Growth are lacking or not focused on.

Senior leadership in business organizations and companies need to do a better job at making sure that their HR Human Resources do have all of these skills, expertise, progressive attitudes and fully utilize them to help Business Development with the full support of senior leadership.


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