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How to find the best HR tech solution for your business Promoted

With so many HR and IT solutions now on offer, how do you find the one that’s right for you? The number of new entrants to the HR tech marketplace is increasing all the time, with hundreds of new companies setting up in the sector alone each year, all vying to get a share of your budget. But how can you possibly keep track of all these new entrants to the marketplace?

Contributor Bob Rehill, CEO & Founder – Bob Rehill & Associates – HRTech247.

In the past, the most obvious way to do this has often been an exhibition. With hundreds of suppliers, seminars and workshops, they can be a great way to gain an insight into both the latest technology and thinking, plus you get an opportunity to network with associates, share stories and discuss your business needs. However, exhibitions are often full of companies who have the backing to be able to afford a presence, quite often established players, while the smaller start-ups, who may have an exciting and new product that’s perfect for you, have a much more difficult time showcasing their offering. In many cases, the chances of these types of businesses getting any visibility at these large-scale events and being able to demonstrate just what they could do for your business, are very slim.  

And don’t forget, it’s not just about there being a level playing field. You need to be able to trust the independence of the source presenting these new solutions. At an exhibition, money can build you an attractive and eye-catching stand but the best app for you might well be found at a far simpler stand tucked away at the back of the hall. So just how can you find what you need in this vast and complex arena?

The HR tech marketplace is never going to be an easy one to navigate. Those start-ups are going to continue to generate exciting new ideas – and HR itself is going to continue to need what they have to offer, be it payroll systems or data analytics. So, the requirement for an independent space which allows you to find out what’s on offer, without pressure, and genuinely have the freedom to explore the widest possible range of HR solutions, has never been more important. What you need is a guide to help you dig down and pick them out. We think we’ve created just that, and we’d be thrilled if you would take a look

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