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The COVID-19 pandemic has been profoundly consequential in a multitude of ways across the corporate landscape.  One of the areas promoted to the vanguard of the leadership priorities has been the effective management of the workforce that is beset with the challenges of staying afloat within the chaos created by the unwinding of conventional way of doing business in a ‘known’ world.  The emerging ‘new normal’ demands fresh thinking and innovative approaches for creating an optimum balance in the employment relationship that has been dealt crushing blows from the weakening of the psychological contracts.  A long period of uncertainty pertaining to evolving markets driven by the changing customer/client preferences, as they adapt to different lifestyles to acclimatize themselves with the omnipresent climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, has resulted in fractured organizations both functionally and humanistically.

Article by 1 April 2022


Managing a diverse workforce:
Driving creativity through diversity in your workplace

The promotion of equality and the fight against discrimination is rightly one of the top agenda items with regards to businesses’ approach to their employees, their customers and wider societal impact. It is increasingly necessary for employers to actively encourage equality, and businesses are recognising that workplace diversity can be highly beneficial in making for a more creative, consistent, and productive workforce.

Article by 3 September 2020


Mental Health – The Professional’s Dilemma

Two years ago, I started on a journey by writing a simple piece titled ‘Breaking the Stigma’. It was open to all who would read it saying that I lived with depression, had been suicidal in the past and that regardless of any of that, was still a – somewhat successful – accountant. Regardless of whether the stigma I felt within the profession and workplace was perceived or real, I decided to break serve and speak openly for the first time in my life.

Article by 25 August 2020


How HR Directors can help managers of dispersed teams deal with matters of control and trust.

Uncertainty can make managers do strange things. In a recent interview for Philosophy at Work’s Virtues of Virtual report, Bruce Daisley (ex Twitter VP, author and host of the leading business podcast ‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat), told me the story of a manager who asked a member of their team to WhatsApp him in advance of restroom breaks. It would seem that the uncertainty involved in managing a dispersed, remote team caused that team leader to do something, let’s assume, they would not have done if they could see their colleagues working diligently in the office.

Article by 13 August 2020


Bridging the gap: Meeting the expectations of a hybrid workforce

We have entered a new phase of the coronavirus pandemic. While it still feels too soon to say we’re emerging from it, some organisations are taking tentative steps in that direction. This is evident in the rising proportion of people gradually returning to their places of work. Last week, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released data indicating that 44% of adults had travelled to work in the past seven days, compared with 41% in the previous week.

Article by 10 July 2020


Engagement – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Committing yourself to someone through an engagement and potentially marriage is a wonderful and beautiful thing. It is a declaration of belief that you want to spend your lives together. At the ceremony those engaged give vows to one another to declare their commitment to one another in front of their friends and family;

Article by 3 March 2020


The horror of bullying at France Télécom

Between 2008 and 2009, 35 employees of France Télécom committed suicide. One woman threw herself from a fifth-floor window in front of her colleagues. Many had left notes explaining that the ‘terror’ of bullying from management had made them feel they had no other choice.

Article by 28 January 2020