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What to do if an employee has a criminal past

While this is unlikely to be at the top of any employer’s wish list, it’s important to note that a conviction does not and should not mean a person is unable to do a good job.

Article by 26 April 2023


Nusrat Ghani Allegations Show When Equal Opportunities Are Lacking in Grievances

Ms. Ghani’s experience, regardless of the future outcomes of a formal inquiry, suggests a concerning disregard for equality within the current government, with the response to date providing stark learnings for any organisation keen to create an inclusive and positive working culture.

Article by 15 February 2022


The clock is ticking on EU settlement scheme applications

In this article, we seek to address some of the common concerns and provide some practical tips on the steps employers can take in the final few weeks to protect against the risks associated with employing illegal workers.

Article by 18 June 2021


Mind the gap

As the UK begins to emerge from lockdown, there remains uncertainty about when we will be back to “normal” life and what the “new normal” could look like. Government commentary suggests that social distancing may have to continue for the rest of the year, which raises questions on how some industries will return to work. Businesses must proactively identify what practical steps can be implemented in their unique working environment to allow a return to work when possible.

Article by 9 July 2020


The Government’s Good Work Plan

The Plan signals the Government’s intention to legislate in accordance with numerous recommendations originally made by the Taylor Review, which reviewed and critiqued the UK’s Modern Working Practices in 2017. The intention is that most of these changes will come in April 2020.

Article by 21 February 2019