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Employee fulfilment: Attainable or chasing rainbows?

There are four main levers that influence employee fulfilment: Balance, community, growth and purpose. These elements together create meaningful and memorable employee experiences that help employees to feel totally content in their roles.

Article by 30 August 2023


Challenging Stereotypes: Women thriving in non-traditional careers

In a world where gender biases still persist, women are defying societal expectations and flourishing in non-traditional careers, especially in the dynamic realm of technology. Despite facing obstacles like discrimination, pay gaps, and underrepresentation, women in tech are breaking barriers and making significant strides. Discover the inspiring stories of trailblazing women like Reshma Saujani, Tracy Chou, and Kimberly Bryant, who are paving the way for future generations. This article explores the challenges faced by women in the tech industry and highlights the efforts being made to encourage women to pursue careers in this rapidly evolving field. Let's celebrate the achievements of women in tech and learn how we can collectively promote diversity and inclusion for a brighter future

Article by 25 May 2023


Top tips to encourage a transparent work environment

You have heard it before and I am here to tell you again, company culture matters. Bad company culture is one of many dominos that have led to negativity in the workplace- such as the recent phenomenon of quiet quitters. Creating trust between leadership and employees requires a level of mutual accountability that is created through transparency.

Article by 24 May 2023


How to prevent productivity and collaboration declines in hybrid working

Appspace’s 2023 workplace experience trends and insights report shows that 35% of hybrid employees struggle with feeling connected and engaged. At the same time, 29% say using outdated tools takes days or even longer to receive important information. Additionally, 70% of hybrid employees responded that they waste time transitioning between the office and remote work locations. These are several of the ongoing issues organizations mention when trying to limit work-anywhere policies and instruct employees to come into the office more.

Article by 4 May 2023


The 6W Methodology for Enhancing the Probability of Success in Innovation Initiatives within Progressive Organizations

Innovation is a journey and not a destination. There is no ‘final’ arrival, rather, it is a relatively ‘short sojourn’ before the beginning of the next phase to create a viable ‘breathing space’ with respect to the competition until they catch up and ‘squeeze’ the ‘profit margins and market goodwill’ being earned at the expense of their earlier shortcomings. Unfortunately, this fact is frequently lost within the lofty visions propounded by the corporate leadership as they align their organizational imperatives behind the ‘verbiage’ of being an ‘exemplary’ business entity since the very foundations of being ‘exemplary’ are fluid in nature due to the rapid evolution in the Digital Age. This can be seen in the emphasis that has shifted from being ‘Stable’ to ‘Agile’ to ‘Hybrid’ in terms of ‘organizational functionality’ to stay relevant and competitive for overcoming the challenges of ‘opportunistic’ competitors and ‘groundbreaking’ startups.

Article by 1 February 2023


HR lessons from favourite Christmas films

It might sound a little Bah Humbug, but even our favourite festive films throw up some employment conundrums as Peninsula’s HR Advice & Consultancy Director Kate Palmer discovered…

Article by 12 December 2022


How smart language technology improves employee experience

Language is table stakes. We can’t gloss over it. And there’s really only one way to get it right if we’re aiming for that high bar. We’ve got to make it possible for team members to communicate with each other in their own native language. Seems like an easy decision, but I can’t tell you how many multinational companies still struggle with the language dilemma, and whose employees are not as engaged as a consequence. 

Article by 8 December 2022


Rise of the ‘Employee’ Rebel

The conventional use of the term ‘Rebel’ in societal settings conjures up images of a disenchanted/disenfranchised/disillusioned person who is driven to seeking ‘corrective measures’ for all the injustices done to him/her. This can range from an innocuous public voicing of a different viewpoint in front of the influential/powerful quarters to violent confrontation against any opposition/wrongdoers as a harsh form of retribution. However, within the professional realm, such dissension is generally driven by the prevalence of frustration/anxiety/premonition among professionals who are unable to ‘tag along’ with the ‘status quo’ promoted/preferred/preserved by the organizational leadership.

Article by 1 December 2022


How to accentuate the positive

These days it can be hard to look on the bright side of life. War in Ukraine, global warming, double digit inflation and the fluctuating state of the economy are all weighing heavily on people’s minds. It’s all too easy to see a glass half empty and sink into a completely negative mindset to match. But a positive outlook can be beneficial to individuals and to businesses alike: research has shown that the happiest employees take less sick leave, are six times more energised and twice as productive as their least happy colleagues.1 Jane Hulme, HR director at Unum UK, reveals five ways employers can promote a positive mindset for their employees.

Article by 16 November 2022