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Don’t underestimate the impact of the payroll team on engagement

Research suggests more than half of employees would lose trust in their employer if they were paid incorrectly even once. Based on this stat any action to improve employee engagement should first and foremost involve the payroll team.

Article by 14 September 2023


Exploring the Gap: Employee Engagement Responsibility in LinkedIn Job Adverts

Only 21.5% of the senior leadership / board roles we looked at mentioned being responsible for culture, engagement or employee experience in their teams or organisation. This gap reveals a disconnect between the aspirational culture-building goals, often owned and led by the HR and People team, and the actual articulation of these responsibilities within high-level positions.

Article by 8 September 2023


Why are UK employees among the least ‘enthused’ in Europe?

A new Gallup survey points to hard evidence of what many in HR will already suspect: attitudes to work in the UK have changed dramatically in recent years: 90% of employees said they felt no enthusiasm for their work or their workplace. Engagement and commitment look to have drained away, like sand through employers’ fingers. How can this have happened?

Article by 30 July 2023


How to run HR analytics without ruining your Company

In a world where talent is scarce, and employee turnover is rampant, HR analytics offers a solution to the recruitment and retention challenges faced by businesses. By leveraging data, HR departments can uncover valuable insights and patterns, leading to effective initiatives that attract and retain top talent. Discover how HR analytics can drive positive change and empower your organization to make informed decisions for a thriving workforce and increased revenue.

Article by 22 July 2023


How to help employees manage their reentry anxiety

Reentry anxiety is a genuine concern for employees returning to the workplace, particularly in a post-pandemic world. This article focuses on helping you manage this transition smoothly, ensuring that your team's well-being and productivity remain intact. Completing this reading will give you a more profound grasp of how to back your staff and allay their anxieties about reintegration into the workplace.

Article by 7 June 2023


Building successful programs for remote workers

Though many organizations assumed that people would be eager to return to the office post-COVID, the permanence of remote working arrangements became apparent to HR professionals some time ago. However, the transition is far from over. With businesses now making working from home a part of their long-term business plans, HR professionals are staring down a new challenge: managing the entire employee lifecycle remotely. This comes with a series of tech obstacles, such as managing cybersecurity concerns that come from employees accessing the network remotely, the hurdle of not having readily available IT support like you would in the office, and potential equipment failure and malfunction that can’t be immediately addressed. That doesn’t mean remote work as the new is impossible or even improbable, it just means that organizations need a holistic view of the new picture.

Article by 4 June 2023


How ChatGPT will improve jobs not steal them

It has become impossible to avoid the media coverage of ChatGPT. The topic has gravitated from scholarly articles, to traditional media, and is now the darling of the Dinner Party crowd. Few people would express themselves as experts in AI, but attractive opportunities are emerging from the debate and the discourse.

Article by 14 May 2023


How to stay human in the virtual working world

In recent years, employee engagement has climbed the priority list for CEOs and organisations around the world. This was of course accelerated by the shift to hybrid working, but now more than ever it is crucial that leaders get this right. While some organisations speak to employee engagement being fundamental to who they are – the reality is that this is not always followed through. Many companies use employee engagement as a buzz word to delight the markets, not their teams. While behaviour like this is not new – it is flawed. Here are top 3 tips to humanise your next virtual meeting, and bring back the human touch.

Article by 13 March 2023


Short term budget cuts versus long term impacts

2023 has already seen many senior leadership teams slash budgets.  The knock on effect of COVID, Brexit and the energy crisis due to the Ukraine war has created a lack of confidence in the UK industry and business has reacted by withdrawing budgets across departments in organisations. 

Article by 11 March 2023


How to maximise town hall meetings

Just how important it is to involve your employees in the strategic direction your company is going? To deny your team of this chance is to underestimate the abilities of your team and to vitally underuse a strength in your company.

Article by 23 February 2023