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Leave of absence is reasonable accommodation Under ADA

Hannah filed suit against UPS. He argued that by being forced onto a leave of absence, UPS failed to accommodate his disability in violation of the ADA, resulting in a discriminatory loss of wages which he otherwise would earned if he had been assigned either a smaller truck or inside work. When the federal district court dismissed his case on summary judgment, Hannah appealed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Article by 12 September 2023


Family Building is Evolving – workplace Fertility Benefits Should, Too.

Almost 90% of American employees experiencing infertility are willing to change jobs for access to fertility benefits. On top of this, the recently enacted Pregnant Workers Fairness Act also covers employees pursuing fertility treatments. As open enrollment approaches, HR professionals must consider how to integrate more fertility coverage into their health plans.

Article by 16 August 2023


Five tips to increase your team’s PTO uptake

Unused PTO is a big problem in a lot of teams, resulting in overworked employees and a big financial liability overhead. It's in the best interest of the business to encourage employees to take more PTO, more regularly. This article gives five actionable tips to make that happen.

Article by 14 July 2023


Five benefits of Group Income Protection

Expert advice from leading UK employee benefits provider, Unum UK, on how to make the most of your group income protection provider

Article by 10 July 2023


Wages didn’t cause the economic turmoil nor are they the cure

Wages are rising, but inflation is rising faster. Wages were not the cause of the challenging economic environment we find ourselves in, but they appear to be the focus of the cure, and as an employee advocate and an employer, this is complicated.

Article by 12 June 2023


Salary cannot be underestimated as a draw for talent

How to attract employees to work for you! By showcasing your company culture, benefits package, or job location? All of those factors are undoubtedly important. However, one aspect that can make or break a potential employee's decision to join or stay with a company is the salary! The blog post explores the role of salary in attracting and retaining top talent.

Article by 20 May 2023



Your incentive programme should be designed around the types of behaviours you want to reward and encourage in your business, providing a way for management and colleagues to acknowledge each other's successes and efforts.

Article by 25 April 2023


Paradise Lost: The Disturbing Prevalence of Poor Talent Management Practices at the ‘Darlings’ of the Digital Age
(When the Perks Become the Peeves)

The corporate world is abuzz with the tumultuous wave of talent retrenchment exercises being undertaken within the leading players of the Tech world ( Primary reason given by the ‘shrewdly justifying’ executives at the helm of these organizations points to their ‘forced response’ for managing the ‘inevitable hand of fate’ due to the daunting prospects of a debilitating recession that looms over the corporate horizon with a dismal outlook for progressive business activities in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, this seems a ‘convenient scapegoating’ of the ‘dismal strategic failures in terms of proactive risk management’ at the senior/top leadership levels who have a penchant for ‘Management by Keyboard Clicks (MKC)’ since such issues have plagued the ‘Trailblazers of the Digital Age’ for ages.

Article by 5 April 2023


Revealed: Most desirable employee benefits

As the battleground for talent continues, employers are taking note of increased employee demands. As a result, employers are offering a wide range of employee benefits to their staff but which of these do employees hail as the most important? In a recent consumer survey of 1000 respondents across the UK, Jigsaw24 found that a quarter (25 percent) of UK workers chose technology products as the most desirable non-wage benefit that their company could provide them with. This is above those selecting private medical care (23 percent), a pension (16 percent) or a gym membership (9 percent).

Article by 24 December 2022


Do Christmas award evenings really work?

The festive period is here so HR teams will be planning Christmas awards evenings to celebrate achievements from the past twelve months. But is this the best way to go?

Article by 13 December 2022