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Building an inclusive global workforce

Businesses are expanding globally, offering growth opportunities but also challenges in managing diverse workforces across borders. Embracing diversity and inclusion is not just ethical; it's a strategic advantage. This article explores global diversity, overcoming challenges, recruiting diverse talent, and fostering an inclusive culture. It also highlights the importance of cross-cultural competence, effective communication, and the role of machine translation in facilitating global collaboration. Leadership, employee resource groups, and ongoing evaluation are essential, with case studies demonstrating successful diversity initiatives. Embracing diversity leads to innovation and better business performance, contributing to a more equitable global society.

Article by 19 September 2023


How to measure & communicate DEI Progress

As with most DEI endeavors, measurement is not a one-size-fits-all approach or a check-the-box activity. The plan will likely iterate over time and so will the measurement methods. Organizations committed to DEI focus on progress over perfection and realize that measuring and communicating DEI metrics externally and internally helps organizations demonstrate transparency, accountability, and progress in their DEI initiatives.

Article by 14 June 2023


WFH can be great for Diversity & Inclusion

How are you managing the diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy inside your business? The traditional process begins by defining a benchmark - do we have a problem? Once you know where problems might exist then priorities can be set, and objectives created. When these objectives are communicated the idea is that everyone then lines up behind the plan and the problem is solved.

Article by 9 December 2021


Nurturing diversity is key for survival in a post-pandemic world

Diversity and inclusion efforts may well have slowed down due to the pandemic, but with remote working here to stay for the short term at the very least, companies in the property sector would do well to use this time to check in with their LGBT+ employees, as maintaining a diverse team will be crucial to their success in the long run.

Article by 8 April 2021


The courage it takes to challenge inequality

Addressing inequality may ultimately require policies, frameworks, good governance and institutional change, but at the heart of all of that is good leadership, and ultimately the actions of individuals that spark the change. There is an observable recipe that can be applied by individuals who choose to challenge inequality.

Article by 8 March 2021


The case for workplace diversity

The UK is facing a skills shortage, with almost a quarter of all vacancies considered skills-shortage vacancies, according to a recent Government Employer Skills Survey.[1] Meanwhile, the prospect of a no-deal Brexit means a shrinking talent pool might shrink further in the near future.

Article by 17 October 2019