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Diversify Your Hiring Process with This 5-Minute Strategy

Leaders often struggle to find diverse talent, yet underrepresented people are everywhere. This excuse is no longer acceptable when consumers are holding organizations accountable for diversity. The five-minute strategy walks through a script of questions to ask, thoughts to consider and assumptions to question in your current talent acquisition process.

Article by 11 August 2023


Improving Focus and Enjoyment at Work through the Flow State

Have you ever observed individuals such as athletes, scientists, or artists absorbed in their work, displaying a state of focused immersion and happiness? It is called the Flow State and it is possible to practice it at work.

Article by 4 August 2023


The role of talent intelligence in shaping company culture

Talent intelligence is changing talent management worldwide and helping make company cultures more powerful with a focus on skills and capabilities. Talent intelligence provides data-driven insights so talent management teams can acquire quality talent, workforce planning, and reskilling programs. It optimizes cost, future-proofs the workforce, enhances employee satisfaction, and builds a positive company culture.

Article by 28 May 2023


How to create community within organizational culture

Working across cultures and time zones is easier than ever, but without the ingredients necessary for community, global working can lead to isolated individuals and disparate teams. People who are coming to work together but share different backgrounds, racial identities, and religious beliefs need ways of connecting that are inclusive and appreciative of these differences.

Article by 7 April 2023


The five key roles needed to crack DEI

Women and people of color are saying “hurry & change the systems" while white men are still saying "where do I start?” For the very folks we need to be included in changing systems, white men, often feel like allyship is daunting. They fear saying and doing the wrong things, so they stay quiet at the very moment we need them the most as allies. Based on my research, there are five key roles men can play as allies - sponsors, mentors, advocates, challengers, and coaches.

Article by 2 March 2023


Responding to Carrick, on conduct and culture

Bad behaviour at work is in the spotlight in our public institutions – from policing to politics - is making headlines. Tackling it is complex but there are clear ways forward that protect staff, prevent harm, and respond more effectively when issues are raised.

Article by 9 February 2023


The World Has Changed: Has Your Culture Changed With It?

The proactive and comprehensive review of organisational culture ensures businesses are meeting the needs and expectations of today’s workforce and ultimately driving success. What should organisations think about before embarking on their intentional culture change journey?

Article by 21 November 2022


Creating a feedback culture

Kouzes and Posner in their international study over 20 years, (Kouzes & Posner: The Leadership Challenge) found honesty was the quality most respected by staff in practically all cultures across the world. If we are into honesty we are onto a winner. To get honesty about bad news scenarios, as managers we need to reward the reputation of those who fess up about a situation, remove blame and work on solutions together.

Article by 11 October 2022


Is your organisational culture ‘too nice’?

’Good’ conflict unlocks a reserve of engagement, diversity, creativity and productivity in an organisation. Removing the niggles and giving people the confidence to be themselves, all of themselves, knowing they can trust their manager and colleagues to ‘get them’.

Article by 18 November 2021