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Biggest challenges facing CSR leaders

Amidst the shifting working landscape, Great Resignation, and cost-of-living crisis, all contributing to a greater level of uncertainty, many CSR leaders are faced with significant barriers when it comes to implementing their well-intentioned strategies.

Article by 6 August 2022


The new face of work is a tempting destination

Pre-COVID organisations tried to assert their purpose and responsibilities to their employees and stakeholders – CSR.  Post-COVID clarity of purpose and the impact on the planet and its people matters like never before – CSR got amped to ESG: Environment, Social and Governance.

Article by 2 September 2021


A Prudent Approach for Optimizing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives in the Digital Age

The Digital Age has emboldened customers to demand much more than simply benefiting from an organization’s products and services. They are increasingly conscious of how organizations behave in the public interest and are readily willing to take their business to those who are more adept at maintaining a positive organizational brand. Consequently, one of the challenges facing organizations in the respective context is the changing role and skill set of leaders who are expected to thrive in a ubiquitous Digital World with a penchant for service that goes beyond the professional expectations of the assigned function by opening horizons for altruistic thought and meaningful contributions to achieve the wider goal of assuring/ensuring a harmonious existence with the global community. This also facilitates in the mitigation/elimination of a misstep that might jeopardize an organization’s future in an increasingly ‘sensitized’ and ‘connected’ world.

Article by 3 August 2021