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How to be impartial in workplace disputes

Being impartial is a quality that can and needs to be learnt. And is an essential part of building a reputation as a good people manager or leader.

Article by 1 February 2023


Renegotiating how we work: the scaffolding for success

Changing how we work means changing the way we interact and engage with each other.  The background conversation or the “unsaid” comments or remarks floating in the ether, generally amount to one thing and that is fear Crucial to negotiations about new working practices will be questions of engagement and building the relationship.

Article by 20 June 2022


Three steps to mitigate the damaging impact of low-level conflict on engagement

There are several insidious but potent triggers for disengagement within an organisation that start with low level conflicts. When we start to analyse the link between these triggers and disengagement, we can begin to create opportunities to re-engage members of the workforce. We can also uncover some quick wins to pre-empt or even avoid similar conflicts and/or disengagement in the first place.

Article by 30 April 2019