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Powering global growth with tech-enabled HR transformation: What it takes to get it right

14:00pm to 15:00pm (GMT)


Join our free insightful webinar to discover successful HR digital transformation strategies from global HR leaders! Hosted by theHRDIRECTOR and partnered by Alight



Starting an HR digital transformation can be a difficult task for companies looking to update existing HR procedures. The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the real-world difficulties that come with planning, directing, and carrying out effective HR digital transformation initiatives.

Establishing the parameters of such projects, locating important stakeholders, and negotiating the challenges of technology integration are all areas where organisations frequently fail.


This Webinar will explore the practicalities of scoping, managing and delivering successful HR digital transformation programs, addressing key considerations such as strategy, stakeholder management and technology integration. We will delve into the necessary steps to take and common pitfalls to avoid, providing valuable insights for organisations embarking on their own transformation journeys.

During the webinar, our panellist will delve into their first hand experiences of managing a global HR digital transformation program, standardising processes for 10,000 employees across 44 countries. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the strategies and tactics employed by these industry leaders, covering areas such as HR strategy development, change management, people mobility, and technology adoption.

The discussion will also explore the real-world impact and benefits of a tech-enabled HR transformation program on various HR and business programs, including talent acquisition, HR administration and global growth targets. Importantly, the panellists will share practical tips and insights that attendees can take away to enhance their own HR transformation strategies, ensuring they are well-equipped to drive meaningful change within their organisations.



Chloe Lewis  (Client Director, Alight)

Gurleen Knight  (Global Head of HR Centres of Excellence, NEC)


We will be running a series of polls in the Webinar and welcome your questions throughout with a final Q&A at the end.

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