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Why Coaching Is the Answer: A powerful, personalised approach to leadership development

Personalised leadership coaching is an incredibly effective developmental tool that can greatly improve a leader’s ability to connect with, inspire and empower their people and teams. Discover three pillars of effective coaching that can serve as guideposts to help organisations identify the best coaching solutions for their leadership.

Article by 19 July 2023


Five ways to change the Green narrative

The previous narratives lead to the same results: the disengagement of employees. Since others tell them how to think and what to do, it disables their own understanding, ideas, and intuition. They only comply with what everyone else is doing and keep waiting for solutions coming from others. The problem is that if we all think and act the same way, we end up with similar solutions and deadlocks, like now. Yet, since we are all different, we can all bring alternative solutions to the table

Article by 18 July 2022


Most mentoring has no purpose, but it matters and affects the bottom line

With the UK unemployment rate falling to 3.9% in the three months to January 2022 (ONS), this isn’t showing any sign of change. And rightly so, employees are looking further than salary when making their choice. They want to feel supported in a culture that aligns to their values with visibility of personal progression and development opportunities. And with the market being very much in the candidate’s hands, businesses need to catch up. 

Article by 5 May 2022


Five key tips for organising successful mentorship

Though the advent of remote working has been overwhelmingly positive for the work-life balance, for newer employees, a lack of physical contact between the organisation and themselves can lead to feelings of isolation and separation. For this very reason, establishing a constructive workplace mentoring scheme is more important than ever.

Article by 23 June 2021


A Mindset for Coaching, Leading and Personal Growth

Maybe the place to start is by refreshing how we think about ourselves, and by developing a mindset that is open to new insights into how we operate and how others perceive us. When we bring the same old mindset that served us in 2019 to new resolutions, we may set ourselves up for failure. When we shift towards a mindset of personal growth and choice, we become more open to others as well and are more likely to have a positive impact on the outcomes we desire.

Article by 16 January 2020


Coaching and Well Being: Just a bit Woolly?

These the sort of comments that people leave coaching sessions with. An immediate feel good factor, clearing of the way forward and internal resourcefulness to get going on what needs to be done. While we might all think that it’s a good thing to feel clearer headed and bouncy at work and have a gut feeling that this makes us more motivated and effective, it may not be enough to convince hard-pressed finance directors of the longer-term value of investment in coaching across the organisation.

Article by 7 November 2019