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The power of the change “within”

HR teams in the very best employers are finally starting to understand the power of change that comes from within. New employee-driven strategies for diversity and inclusion, well-being, and engagement, for example, are proving highly effective in generating the growth-driven transformation that so many businesses need.

Article by 16 February 2022


Driving change

The world is facing a major talent shortage and one of the industries feeling it most profoundly is logistics. This article explores how DHL Supply Chain is tackling the challenge with a broad range of solutions from collaboration to reputation change.

Article by 5 January 2022


Outplacement Services: carrot or stick for departing execs?

When downsizing occurs, outplacement services are standard fare for senior leaders. Partnering with specialized firms enables organizations to recognize corporate executives for their contributions, demonstrate a strong employment brand and ultimately, ease the transition for both the departing leader and the company.

Article by 26 April 2021


5 essentials of Disruptive Innovation for Corporates post Covid19

Whether or not there will be a full return to work, increased remote working is looking inevitable. With it will come a plethora of consequences and options that will and have already changed the way we work. We know from disruptive organisations that have been working remotely for years that this will not simply result in new working protocols and practices. What successful disruptive organisations that have been working remotely for many years tell us is that it will also change the hierarchy, organisational infrastructure and crucially culture and team dynamics of corporates permanently.

Article by 10 September 2020


Preparing your team for the future of work

We live in an age of technological disruptions. Every industry will be affected by Artificial Intelligence on some level. In the past, technical knowledge and skills were often sufficient to get you ahead in most industries, but that’s no longer the case.

Article by 3 September 2020


Meet less. Meet better

The less we come together the more the value, experience and overall success of live meetings must increase. One solution is collaborative creativity. The pandemic will pass, eventually, but in most offices, it seems unlikely that things will ever return the way they were. Suddenly, going to an office every weekday seems unnecessary. However, this poses new challenges and to confront them successfully companies will need to make radical changes in the way people meet to collaborate.

Article by 28 August 2020


How HR leaders can prepare for the future and take their teams with them

As national lockdowns ease, HR leaders should prepare for a new beginning, not a new normal. The global pandemic was a mega-event disruption, a true game-changer which may happen again – and again – during the decade 2020-2030 until science and technology develop vaccines and ever faster responses to sars viruses. We cannot expect to go back to the way we were. Instead we have to accept our new reality – living with COVID-19 flares up, new sars viruses and regular local or national lockdowns. As HR leaders you need to find a way to move forward with confidence and optimism while acknowledging that the market and your organisation are still in a state of flux.

Article by 6 August 2020