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Willing to travel…

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Willing to travel…

UK workers prepared to travel more than three hours for employment. Majority of Job Seekers are looking to recession proof their futures using new tactics.

The recession could push employees into travelling more than three hours each way to work in order to protect their jobs. The poll, which surveyed visitors to in December, revealed a number of workplace trends that have emerged during the recession.

The poll also found that where once money might have been what makes the world go round, it appears it may now need to be a holiday: 56 percent of respondents said they would be willing to take an increase in vacation entitlement rather than a payrise to help keep company costs down.

When asked what steps they are taking to recession-proof their career, 10 percent of employees said they are kissing up to their boss, while a forward-thinking 36 percent are taking extra classes to remain valuable to their company. Another 18 percent are working longer hours, followed by 10 percent who are attending networking events. However, 26 percent of those polled aren’t taking any extra steps to secure their jobs.

Sachin Shah, Director of Simply Hired commented:  “The employee is being forced to change their mindset and adapt in the same way the recession has forced business to rethink the way in which they operate. There is a mutual understanding that employees and job seekers need to make themselves be seen as valuable to the company in order to avoid redundancy and with purse strings tighter than ever, other benefits are becoming more appealing for retaining and attracting talent.

“The poll has highlighted the changing workface in the UK. Employees and jobseekers need to remain flexible and agile, both in the skills they can bring to the table and the benefits they receive from their employers in order to keep their career progressing forward. However, whilst learning new skills is key, finding a manageable work/life balance is important too.”

2 February 2010 

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