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Quality of homeworking environments is a growing concern

Alex Duckett, Founder - Mhor

Companies must make positive steps to address their employees conditions following advice from the Royal Society for the Protection of Health (RSPH). 

A survey by RSPH found that 39% of those working from home developed musculoskeletal problems, and one in four (26%) worked from either a sofa or bedroom. The organisation advised that all employees should have access to equipment and a remote assessment to support their physical health. 

Mhor Founder ,Alex Duckett, said that companies struggling to meet compliance requirements and experiencing staff with a wave of issues ranging from back pain to stress. “We recognise that separating work and home can be a challenge, and believe that it’s essential to have a distinct workspace at home that is equivalent quality to the office.” 

Mhor argues that while there is no government law to compel businesses to buy staff office desks, chairs and equipment to work from home, companies have a duty of care for their employees’ well-being.  

As home and hybrid working looks set for permanence, employees should be supported to establish routines that help them separate their personal and work lives. While each circumstance is different, measures can be taken to create a distinct workspace and routine with regular breaks and work patterns.

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