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VIDEO – Succession Planning and Talent Mobility with Armin Hopp

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This interview looks at the role of succession planning in today’s working context and how language learning will help a multi-generational workforce. It also highlights the internal organisational barriers that are likely to prevent a truly mobile workforce and offers practical tips for building a better succession planning strategy. 

Armin Hopp, Founder and President of Speexx, says “Technology has broken down borders, enabling a truly global workplace, but in many cases the language barrier remains an obstacle to skills-based succession planning and employee mobility. A thorough succession management strategy involves foreign language and communication skills training for all staff, across the board.  Furthermore, if organisations get the process right, learner data can also provide unparalleled insight into the learning process. Talent management as we have known it over the past ten years is about to be reinvented, with a focus on engagement, experience, and empowerment.”

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