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Record Number of Greek Workers Looking at UK Jobs

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A record number of Greek workers are searching for jobs in the UK, following the country’s current debt crisis.

Last week alone, the job site recorded that the number of web visits received from Greek workers was up by 111%, compared to the same week in July 2014. In addition to this, latest web traffic figures suggest:

– A significantly high number of Greek visitors over the last four weeks, with an average week-on-week rise of 26%

– 55.9% more Greek traffic in the last month, compared to previous month

– This is compared to a typical week-on-week decline of -10.2% during the same period last year

– An overall decline in traffic from other European countries throughout June/July 2015, including Poland, France and Portugal

Historical data from the job site suggests that web traffic from Greece is normally flat and steady, with a normal decline over the Summer months, which is typical within the recruitment sector. This data, compared to latest figures, indicates that the unusually high volume of Greek visitors looking for UK jobs is directly connected to the country’s current state of austerity.

Furthermore, the job site has revealed that web traffic from Greece in the month of July is at its highest historical level and is already eclipsing all visits from the previous month. Based on weekly growth rates, it is expected that July’s overall increase will exceed June by 100%.

Lee Biggins, CV-Library's founder and managing director, comments: “In times of austerity, it is not surprising that foreign workers seek job opportunities further afield. Our latest findings suggest that this is exactly what is currently happening in Greece. With the country facing times of such uncertainty, we expect this to continue well into the coming weeks.”

Whilst most British job sites don’t allow applications from non-UK residents, there is clearly an interest amongst Greek workers to look for work outside of Greece in anticipation of what lies ahead.

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