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Dip in online recruitment in June

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The Monster Employment Index UK decreased by four points in June to reach a level of 177, seven points higher than a year ago but 15 points short of its February peak. Hiring in the marketing, PR and media sector fell most, while there was a strong upturn in demand for hospitality and tourism workers. The Monster Employment Index UK is a monthly analysis of millions of online job opportunities culled from a large, representative selection of corporate career sites and job boards across the UK, including


The largest drop was seen among legislators, senior officials and managers, but there were also notably fewer opportunities for professionals; and technicians and associate professionals. Demand fell across most regions, with East Anglia the worst affected. Although online job availability in this sector is now at its lowest since November 2007, year-on-year growth remains 18 points, or 10%. 


Opportunities for workers in the engineering sector also fell sharply, offsetting growth in May. The decline was led by reduced hiring of professionals. Demand dropped in most regions, with Scotland registering the largest decrease. Despite this downturn, year-on-year growth was 50 points, or 34%.


By contrast, the hospitality and tourism sector grew by 28 points, as online hiring increased for the third month in a row. There were considerably increased opportunities for service workers and shop and market sales workers; and legislators, senior officials and managers. Regionally, the South East reported the largest increase. Year-on-year growth was 60 points, or 43%.


Online job availability for craft and related workers fell sharply in June, shedding the territory gained in May. The decline was driven by fewer opportunities in the production, manufacturing, maintenance, repair; and construction, extraction sectors. Regionally, the biggest dip was in Wales, while hiring fell in North England and the South West for the third month in a row. Year-on-year growth was 29 points, or 12%.


There was also a marked decrease in hiring of professionals in June, due in part to a strong decline in the public sector, defence, community sector. Demand also fell significantly in the management and consulting; construction and extraction; and sales sectors. Contrastingly, hiring of professionals increased in some industries, including banking, finance and insurance. Regionally, the South East saw the sharpest decrease and demand continued to decline in London and the South West for the third consecutive month. Year-on-year growth was 55 points, or 33%.  

Wales fell by 11 Index points in June, following a slight increase in May. This decline was driven by a third straight monthly fall in hiring in the environment, architecture and urbanism; and sales sectors. By contrast, accounting, audit, taxes; banking, finance, insurance; and hospitality and tourism showed some recovery after dips in May. Among occupational groups, there were significant declines among craft and related workers; plant and machine operators and assemblers; and elementary occupations. Year-on-year demand in the region rose by 18 points, or eight per cent.   

Online hiring also decreased in Scotland, for the third straight month. There was considerably less demand in the banking, finance, insurance; education, training and library; public sector, defence, community; and engineering sectors. Job availability dropped furthest for skilled agricultural and fishery workers.


Online recruitment rose by 17 points in Northern Ireland after two successive months of decline. There were strong increases in the accounting, audit, taxes; research and development; banking, finance, insurance; and construction and extraction sectors. Of the occupational groups, hiring of professionals grew most. Year-on-year growth was 18 points, or 12%.


Hugo Sellert, head of Economic Research, Monster Worldwide, said: “This is the third time in four months that the UK Index has dropped and the first time in three years that overall demand declined in June. Confidence in the UK economy is falling among consumers and businesses alike, and employers have responded by scaling back on hiring.  Still, the availability of jobs online is significantly higher than last year, and demand remains elevated in both manufacturing and parts of the service sector.”




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