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No improvement for jobs market

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According to a survey of 2,100 British employers the prospects for job seekers are at their lowest level for three years. The survey –  by Manpower – discovered that only one in every five employers had any plans to hire staff within the next three months.

However, many UK employers are reporting that there is actually a drop in the number of applications they are receiving – especially from British workers. A survey for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, published last month, reported that Britain’s schools have produced a generation who are weak in literacy, numeracy and communication skills which encourages employers to choose harder-working more punctual foreign workers.

One of Britain’s fastest growing property maintenance companies,, has announced it is expanding its successful London operation nationally and has been advertising for new staff throughout the regions. “We have all been shocked by the paucity of applications from British workers, especially youngsters,” said Will Davies, co-founder of “There are plenty of applications from workers over 30 but we want to see a mobilization of younger British workers to take on the challenge of getting out to work and delivering a service like ours.” “It is becoming acceptable for the young in Britain to be unemployed and use the economic situation and the massive youth unemployment figures as an excuse,” he said. Official unemployment statistics are expected to highlight further the worsening situation.

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