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Job candidate behaviour revealed

Ciaran Morton

Businesses can now get accurate insights into how every job candidate applying for roles will respond to different work and business scenarios, even during the selection stage, using a series of new reports that support decision-making across three specific areas of recruiting – Talent Selection, Onboarding and Management Strengths. Contributor Ciaran Morton, Managing Director at Thomas International,

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) psychometric assessments by Thomas International, the leading global provider of people assessment tools, take just eight minutes for candidates to complete and are the backbone of the reports, which then provide deeper insights into how individuals will respond to specific situations in the workplace.

While the PPA assessments show an initial profile, the new reports from Thomas provide in-depth explanation into candidate behaviours, linking these to real business scenarios. For example, whether someone will feel comfortable having the authority to make important decisions or be able to cope with changing environments. This provides a wealth of knowledge to support senior managers and HR professionals during the recruitment process, from the interview stage through to onboarding, and beyond.

Ciaran Morton, Managing Director at Thomas International, said: “The reports are a definitive guide for all decision makers in the recruitment process. We appreciate that some psychometric assessments can be overly complex, and so these new reports take all the data sourced using our world-renowned PPA assessments and explain simply how that might impact upon behaviours in the workplace. For example, if the PPA identifies a candidate as being strong-willed and independent, the report will provide information on the best job role to suit them and how they should be managed. It will also flag scenarios where they may struggle as a result, such as being impatient or having a low tolerance of others.”

“Senior leaders can now make informed people decisions armed with more than just a CV and a gut feeling based on first impressions. The reports take the science behind PPA and package it in a way that everyone can understand and use on a daily basis.”

The Talent Selection Report
The Talent Selection Report is designed specifically with recruitment in mind. It provides fast and accurate insights into the behaviours and characteristics that each candidate is likely to display in the workplace. Using PPA assessments, it provides a simple breakdown of how each candidate’s individual personality traits will influence and benefit areas of the business if they are chosen for the role.

The report analyses the candidate’s strengths and limitations, then matches these to the position in the company that they are applying for. It reveals insights into each individual’s approach to communication, time management, decision making and problem solving.

Finally, it includes a guideline interview structure to assess a person’s level of engagement with the role and the company. This also reveals informative insights into their personal working style and approach to key tasks, and even provides insights into how someone is likely to approach the interview.  All this supports the decision as to whether a candidate is right for the position and the business as a whole.

The Onboarding Report
The Onboarding Report explains how to get the most out of any new member of staff in a timely manner whether that person is a graduate, manager or senior director.

Using data from PPA, the report describes an individual’s strengths and limitations, and advises on the best way to manage, motivate, communicate with and support the new member of staff. Armed with insights into what to expect from their new starter, businesses can support in areas that need further development, help candidates settle into the role quicker and with a smoother transition, and ensure they are reaching their full potential.

The Management Strengths Report
The role a manager plays within the team hierarchy is to drive the team to achieve bigger and greater things. With this in mind, the Management Strengths Report reflects two key areas – task management and people management.

It uses PPA to highlight natural leadership characteristics and signature strengths in management. The report provides a detailed overview of how someone responds to important tasks in management, such as decision-making, planning and problem solving. People management skills, such as communication, the ability to motivate a team and develop others, are also reviewed in the report. This can be used to better understand and support managers already in a team, or to assess whether someone is ready to move into a management position.

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