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Hiring at slower pace expected for the new year

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HIRING AT SLOWER PACE EXPECTED FOR THE NEW YEAR, a leading job site in the UK, released the results of its annual job forecast, conducted by Harris InteractiveR, tracking projected hiring and job search activities for the upcoming quarter and 2008.  The survey, titled “2008 UK Job Forecast” was conducted between 14 November and 3 December, 2007 and included 281 hiring managers and human resource professionals and 507 workers.  

Full time – Thirty-seven per cent of employers plan to increase their number of full-time, permanent employees in 2008.  This compares to 45 per cent who anticipated increasing full-time permanent headcount in 2007.  Ten per cent plan to decrease staff levels in 2008, while 40 per cent expect no change. 

Part-timeNineteen per cent of employers plan to increase their number of part-time employees in 2008, down from 30% who expected to do so in 2007.  Thirteen per cent plan to decrease headcount in 2008, while 51% expect no change and 17% are unsure.  

Hiring by job level – When asked which job level employers will be recruiting for the most in 2008, 48% of employers pointed to professional and technical staff members, while 20% cited administrative/clerical positions.  Six per cent will target management positions, including team leaders and directors. 


  • Eighty-two per cent of employers report their companies will increase salaries for existing employees in 2008, similar to last year. Among employers increasing salaries for existing employees, 66% expect to raise salaries up to three per cent for existing employees, while 19% anticipate increases of five per cent or more. 
  • Increased flexibility – Fifty-seven per cent of employers report they currently offer flexible schedules to employees and 51% will provide more flexible work arrangements in 2008. 
  • Screening Candidates via the Internet to ensure they are recruiting the right talent, more employers are leveraging the Internet as a vehicle for screening potential employees. 
  • Rehiring Retirees – Three-in-ten workers report concern over the loss of intellectual capital at their organisations as a large number of workers approach retirement age. 
  • Diversity Recruitment – When asked if there is a particular segment of diverse workers they plan to target more aggressively in 2008, employers pointed to mature workers, Asians, Women and Gay/Lesbian workers. Eighty-two per cent of employers report they will be placing the same or greater amount of emphasis on recruiting bilingual candidates.
  • Freelance or Contract Hiring – Forty-one per cent of employers anticipate hiring freelancers or contractors in 2008. 
  • Career Advancement – Thirty-five per cent of employers are likely to provide more promotions and career advancement opportunities in 2008, given the shortage of workers that some companies are already experiencing.  

Tony Roy, managing director,, said:  “While analysts point to lower job creation in the New Year, employers are proceeding with caution, anticipating a slower, but still steady hiring environment.  Thirty-seven per cent of employers said they plan to increase their number of full-time, permanent employees in 2008, down from 45% at the same time last year.” 

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