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Bring in your parents day 2014

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Companies across the country on the 6th November, opened their doors to their employees’ parents as part of LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day initiative, designed to encourage skill sharing between generations and keep older professionals engaged in the workforce.

Businesses including Virgin Media and restaurant chain The Hawksmoor took the opportunity to give parents an inside view of their child’s professional life, and give staff the chance to say “thank you” for all the help and guidance their parents have provided over the years. It’s was also a chance for businesses to show their staff and parents how valued they are in the company as well as promoting the sharing of skills widely across generations for the benefit of all.

Darain Faraz, LinkedIn spokesperson, commented: “Parents play a huge role in career success and LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day is a great way to bring parents together with their children to celebrate that. We really are thrilled to see how the initiative has been embraced by British businesses, large and small, from across the country for the second year. Having iconic brands like British Airways and Virgin backing the campaign too – it’s the icing on the cake!” said Faraz. The inaugural Bring In Your Parents Day saw an estimated 15,000 people around the world take part, a figure which looks to have be topped this year as the event extended to 16 countries around the world.”The day is being held in 16 countries including the United Kingdom, United States, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Australia, India, Canada, Singapore, China, Japan and Hong Kong. Companies including Logitech, British Airways, Virgin, SAP, GOL Airlines and Rubicon Project are just some of the companies supporting and participating in the campaign. 

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