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What will outsourcing look like in the post-pandemic landscape?

Looking at the current market situation we wanted to come out with our knowledge to support other companies that may be in a more difficult situation due to the pandemic. That is why we decided to show how they can save money and gain a business advantage through outsourcing activities – see the report!
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Looking at the current market situation we wanted to come out with our knowledge to support other companies that may be in a more difficult situation due to the pandemic. That is why we decided to show how they can save money and gain a business advantage through outsourcing activities, without losing sight of the crisis. As a full-stack digital agency and an outsourcing IT company, we wanted to share our experience and knowledge that will enable us to make the best use of the opportunities offered by outsourcing. 

The outcome of our experience is a report. The paper presents how outsourcing services look today, who uses them the most and why, in our opinion, they will be even more popular in a post-pandemic landscape.

The report on outsourcing services

We decided that a report will be the best way to share our experiences and insights. It contains all the essential information, and everyone can have them in one place. 

Including statistics showing how outsourcing looks like today, in which direction is it developing, and which outsourcing services are the most popular today.

By reading our report, you will find out how much the outsourcing market was worth last year, how these values have changed over the years, and what was the reason behind it. We have also included information that will allow you to check what causes the massive increase in popularity of this idea – not only in the United States, which is a leader when it comes to hiring employees working remotely – but also in other countries. We show which of the services are outsourced most often and what makes the entrepreneurs decide to use the services of outsourcing agencies instead of hiring employees themselves.

Experts in outsourcing services

We worked with our specialists – including HR, Project Managers, and the founders of Applover – as well as with experts from various companies and industries.

Post-pandemic landscape of outsourcing market 

When planning our publication at the beginning of the year, we did not know that the world economy would be so dramatically changed by the coronavirus pandemic in the early days of March, which would cause enormous losses to entrepreneurs all over the world. Therefore, we could not ignore the changes that have taken place right before our eyes and which will certainly affect the way we will see outsourcing in the coming years. As an experienced outsourcing agency that deals with IT outsourcing, we anticipate that not only in our industry but also in many others, the idea of outsourcing some of the services – that have been carried out on-site or haven’t been carried out at all – will be getting more popular in the coming months. 

Our predictions are connected with massive changes, which almost all companies have been going through since mid-March. Entrepreneurs are forced to move their businesses to the Internet and start operating online. Many of them are still completely unprepared, while this transition is still the only way to survive at the moment. 

Data presented in our report shows that so far, a significant percentage of large companies, employing over 50 people, have decided to outsource. In contrast, smaller companies have done so much less willingly, choosing a slightly slower development of their business, which took place in cooperation with a small team on-site, usually at the company’s headquarters. However, due to the current situation, we believe that smaller companies will be forced to make many changes not only to develop their business but also just to stay on the market. To achieve their goal, they will need the support of experienced specialists who will allow them to adapt to the new reality efficiently and effectively. At this point, companies are forced to analyze and understand the different needs of their customers quickly. Their services must be reorganized and created in such a way that clients can safely satisfy their desires, without endangering their and their relatives’ health. 

The new reality of outsourcing services

Right now, not only technological development but also analytics, HR, sales or marketing activities will require the support of experienced specialists. Thanks to outsourcing, not only the biggest companies will be able to afford it, but also small ones, which will manage to maintain their activities or start new ones despite the crisis that is omnipresent on the market. We strongly believe that outsourcing can help your business get ahead of your competitors and get a market’s advantage even in the most challenging times. You can download the report “The state of outsourcing services in the post-pandemic landscape” on our website for free! And if you feel like it, please share your thoughts on it with us! 


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