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Revealed: Top 20 jobs with highest pay and lowest competition

Bill Richards, Managing Director - Indeed

As the UK’s jobs recovery continues to gather pace, there remain some highly paid jobs among those receiving the least interest from jobseekers1, according to new figures released*.

Recruitment is picking up, and job postings are now just 10%below their pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile interest from jobseekers, particularly those who lost their jobs during the pandemic, remains high.

Yet despite the scramble for many jobs, Indeed’s analysis of hundreds of thousands of full-time vacancies advertised across its platform found there are roles which offer some of the highest average annual salaries but still receive the lowest interest from jobseekers. 

Geriatric doctor roles, which pay a median average salary of £57,349 a year, receive 95%fewer clicks from jobseekers than all other jobs on Indeed. 

The roles with least competition are invariably highly specialised, with candidates requiring experience and a number of qualifications. The scarcity of people with the necessary skills drives up salaries as employers compete to attract the best talent.

Healthcare roles accounted for 40% of the highest-paying roles with the lowest competition.

Tax partners, who are tenth on the list, have the highest median salary in the top 20, at £128,750a year.

Bill Richards, UK managing director at global job site Indeed, comments: “With hiring resuming in earnest, getting people back into work is vital but these findings show there are still some sectors where there is not an abundance of candidates.

“The roles with the least competition are highly specialised, and employers often find they need to pay a premium to attract qualified candidates. Workers who have, or who are in training to get, these in-demand skills can expect to be wooed by big salaries.

“Policy makers could use these roles with less competition as a starting point when they consider how they plan to reskill and train the workforce. 

“The availability of tech jobs, for example, is only going to increase as our world becomes even more digitised – and some workers may benefit from getting qualifications relevant to this sector.” 

*Figures from Indeed

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