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Sonic the HR practitioner

Zac Williams

Finding and successfully hiring the right candidates for roles isn’t easy, and, often, HR and Recruitment professionals don’t get the praise they deserve for their work. Introducing HR Hero: the world’s most infuriating arcade game. Think Flappy Bird, but more rubbish – it was made in one day by one rogue GradTouch employee, Dan Kelsall. Contributor Zac Williams, Co-founder and Director – GradTouch.

The game replicates the day-to-day struggles every Human Resources professional will relate to. To get to the end, players have to successfully run and jump through the office – collecting CVs and avoiding budget cuts and angry bosses to find the right candidate.

Officially launched 14th August, the game is now free to download and play via the app store. Dan Kelsall, GradTouch’s Head of Hype etc., and the maker of the game, had this to say about it:

“I made HR Hero for absolutely no reason other than to replicate the frustrations of those working in Human Resources. It’s the worst game I’ve ever played, and I apologise profusely for unleashing it upon the world. I feel like the guy who created Frankenstein.”

Zac Williams, Co-founder and Director of GradTouch, commented: “At GradTouch, we give our employees complete autonomy over their work and defining their roles – we don’t write job descriptions, we hire people to add value and do things their own way. One of the results of that approach is this game. No one asked Dan to make it, and it’s pretty weird, but it’s also pretty great.

“HR is underrated and underappreciated, and yet it is such a crucial part of any business – because people are absolutely integral to the success or failure of a company. The game is designed to sum up and have a bit of fun with the frustrations everyone who’s ever had to hire a candidate will recognise.”

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