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How Collaborative Technology Can Revive Internal Communication For Remote Workers

Natasha Swycher

For the majority of professionals this year, the traditional bustle of career life has shifted to a slower pace of working remotely, with pivots like conducting business meetings on Microsoft teams, Zoom or other similar platforms, and client video calls rather than in person pitches. It is safe to say that it was a change that came quickly and threw many operations for a loop. Now, eight months down the line, the novelty of this new normal has worn off and many employees may be becoming less engaged, resulting in a negative impact on a company’s internal communication and making it harder when trying to collaborate as a team. In fact, a recent survey carried out by Facebook revealed that due to working remotely, employees feel disconnected, leading to limited exchange of ideas and innovation.

With this in mind, organisations need to find better ways to help engage and support their employees. Some companies took this time to use this pivot in operations to redefine collaboration, internal communication, and project management with a variety of SaaS tools and new processes. One recent development in this space is the integration of simpleshow video maker into Microsoft Teams. This alliance is set up to help easily improve company-wide collaboration, communication and culture through video, keeping employees engaged in a refreshing environment.

Exploring the impact of Explainer Videos
If you haven’t adopted explainer videos into your operations, now is a perfect time to consider a shift. When exploring the benefit of explainer videos, you will see the positive effect they have on learning. A study carried out by Microsoft found that the average human being has the attention span of eight seconds. Therefore explainer videos are a new way of keeping people engaged for short periods of time, explaining complex topics in under 3 minutes. It has been found that marketers who use videos are seeing (on average) 49% faster growth in revenue. This shows the impact explainer videos can have on keeping employees attention with quick and entertaining videos, rather than long presentations or text heavy resources.

Why did simpleshow collaborate with Microsoft teams?
The Microsoft Teams online application has helped to pave the way this year with over 90 million new users, across companies, schools and individuals. simpleshow video maker is a SaaS tool used by many fortune 500 companies across the globe. It simply changes a text into an explainer video from a premade template or your own. 

Video projects are hosted in the cloud, easily accessible and can be shared between employees to share a message across a team or to collaborate on together; add, edit and enhance. Even better, this video maker requires no previous video or tech experience and is quick and simple.

Introducing Microsoft Teams and simpleshow all within one interface
If as an HR professional you are looking for an innovative way to increase collaboration, interaction and communication within your organisation this is the application for you. simpleshow has pivoted its product to exist as a fully functional app, integrated into Microsoft teams, opening the door to the millions of users worldwide that already use this robust environment to function in a virtual environment. Through the integration, all that a Teams user has to do is search and pin the app to their dashboard for easy access, when they want to use it. Users of all levels of video creation ability can then easily use it within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. This blend of technologies can help  boost employee communication and create a more innovative and positive environment while working remote.

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